Those of you who have been following Halo3, even the slightest, should know that EGM and Bungie are releasing a mass amount of news next month. However, some information has been leaked, via
Below, is the info they've posted, as a teaser to heat us up for the new issue of EGM coming on Nov.14th.

# What are these new Brutish weapons? What's a Spike Rifle...or a Spike Grenade?
# The Mongoose (the once-scrapped ATV from Halo/Halo 2) is back: Who wants to ride Brokeback?
# Halo 3 will have three retail SKUs: standard, collector's edition, and Legendary. Guess which one comes with a helmet and four discs of content?
# Adding bumpers to the 360 controller means there's some extra real estate for Bungie to play with. Now the left bumper reloads your dual-wielded weapon and the right bumper is the normal reload. What does X do, though? Mum.
# Starting weapon: Bungie thinks they have the "perfect" starting weapon in Halo 3. It's not the pistol, the battle rifle, or the SMG...and it's pretty familiar. How does the new Assault Rifle play?
# One of the new maps, Valhalla, is being called "the new Blood Gulch" -- but this isn't another coat of new paint on the Combat Evolved classic. This is, from-the-ground-up, a brand-new map. How is it?
# What if you could save your own movies from Halo 3's single- and multiplayer gameplay and then rewatch them? In Halo 3, you can.

Below, is an image of two NEW guns for Halo3. The First, is the weapon closest to the foreground. It is not the Assault Rifle. It's similar, however, they've announced it's not. The Second, is a very large Lazer Cannon, mounted on a players shoulder behind him.



I've located some Leaked Screen Shots from the Magazine.

Bungie has made it clear to gamers that what you see in the magazine, isn't fully finalized. They have mentioned that the Graphics will be improved upon.
It's not even 24 hours old, so Nya =P.
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I think the graphics are fine. I may have to go buy the Legendary Set XD 4 discs, and a helmet......I wonder if you could play paintball in that?
The graphics are already better than Halo2's. I've found some additional pictures since I made this post.

Now, your secondary weapon is carried somewhere on you, rather than being invisible. This allows for wiser decisions rather than charging at an SMG wielding man, guns blazing, and having him quick switch to the Sword at the last second.

Graphics wise, Bungie says it's going to get ALOT better once they place all of the HDR in the stages, and enhances the textures etc.