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Problem description:
No code here.

Pretty much, I want to know how to make larger sprites not poof when you move away from it's visible coordinate. By this, I mean if I make a turf that stretches out ten tiles north, even if the bottom tile (where the turf is located and thus shows the image in its ascent) isn't visible, I can still see the sprite as it should cover more ground. < -- what it should look like <--- but u see the sprite cut off?

Is your BYOND up-to-date?

That issue was taken care of not so long ago but I can't seem to find the exact build number right now.
This was fixed in a BYOND update almost a year ago. Geez, update..
I downloaded the current stable version, and tested out the beta as well. Still seems to be an issue.

The beta version being 511.1375.

Is that the correct one?
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Alright then. There must be something specific to your project going on. I tested this months ago and it was working flawlessly. Might want to file a bug report with a demo.
Was the demo done with areas? Since that's the atom I'm using the sprite on. And sure, I'll file a bug.
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No. It was just an object.
I'm not too sure why you're using areas for ships O.o

It's for the weather.
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I don't really see anything being cut off, actually. It just looks like your view is small.
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GreatPirateEra wrote:
I don't really see anything being cut off, actually. It just looks like your view is small.

Was just about to say that.

@Meme01: So mind clarifying what the problem object is so one of us can run our own tests?
That's the issue.

For example, this sprite stretches out about 15 tiles in length. If the area that I place was settled at the location (1, 1, 1), and my view only stretched out to (2, 2, 1), then the entire sprite disappears. When some of the sprite should still be visible.
Problem 'object'? If you mean atom type, then it's an 'area.'
I can't even get an area larger than world.icon_size to appear on the map.

For some reason, I feel like this is intended behavior. /area objects usually aren't used the way you are using them.

I'm wondering why you need a big icon (anything larger than world.icon_size) for a weather system though.
You can't get the area to even appear? You sure it's not due to the layering? (it being under the turfs).

And it was just a massive sprite I purchased.

It's about 500 pixels long, 400 pixels wide. Had 60 frames, and was supposed to be seamless snow.
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Ah, so I am seeing what you're seeing... sort of. The big area disappears once I move a certain distance away from the source location.

Tried a /obj just to make sure though and no problems.

Any reason why you couldn't use a /obj instead?
I try to steer away from using objects. Otherwise, I often go overboard and overstuff my map (I use a lot of turfs/areas to circumvent) and get map errors.
Should this be reported as a bug? Or do you think this intended?
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I think it's best you report it just to be safe.