Hey! Ever try to get god dayum byond running on your linux, and you followed every instruction available? Are other people abandoning you because you can't use or understand a thing when they try to explain? Are you happen to go to point a, only to be pointed to point b, and point b is pointing you into a wall of text with a solution some where in the bloody post?

Well I'm putting all that BS into this one post because apparently my question haven't been answer for over half a years on how to get the $#!+#@*!(& started.

Why the freeze up and using winetricks ie7, and winetricks ie8 show up 404? Your winetrick is out of date! Update it by going to to find where you can get the sonnova B!

So...instructions to get since on 2017..

chmod +x winetricks

Got it? Goooooooooooooood~ Your happy winetricks should be right there on home. We using that since the global one sucks.

Follow instructions as usual. But my version is different, and since linux experts ain't here to help me clean it and put this down for everyone, y'all butts are getting dirty codes. Tough!

export WINEARCH=win32
export WINEPREFIX=$HOME/.byond_client/
export WINEDEBUG=-all
sh winetricks wsh56 wsh57 jscript mfc42 vcrun2013
sh winetricks ie7
sh winetricks ie8

Is ie7 downloading and ie8 downloading as well? GOOD! That's how it supposed to be and when you boot that sucker, it won't goddayum freeze at the effing splash screen!

What? Pager looks like ass? Can't help you there yet til someone post a fix that doesn't send you around the world for the next couple of years. *kicks over furniture and leaves* FREAKEN HELL!
Thanks! Great post. Running Arch Linux and getting AWESOME progress!

Don't forget, either, Linux users, that you will need to install Windows fonts like Tahoma, Times New Roman, and etc from Windows, or a Windows 10 free trial, so that your PDA doesn't look like ass.

PM me if you need the fonts, if there is enough people posting for fonts, I'll upload it to github and link it.
In response to Dryicefox
Can't you just install mscorefonts from your package manager and then make the accessible to Wine? Or does that not get enough of them?
In response to PJB3005
Some of the microsoft fonts are not free to use, it's why most wine tutorials tell people to use a vm of the win10 trial to obtain all of the fonts.

Also, especially with archlinux, the fonts aren't available from the community/AUR or Pacman, Tahoma is an example of an exception.