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This works right now. Might work in some aspect for Mac as well using PlayonMac, but can't test that myself. Tested using ubuntu minimal 18.xx using stock drivers.

This works on stations that use d3d9 shaders as well. Including goon and TG.
Note that you *DO NOT NEED TO INSTALL D3D9 stuff YOURSELF* the stuff bundled with byond that gets automatically installed by the installer should work fine without any further modification.

You can also do it manually instead of using PoL, if you'd like, but that's a lot of tedium and version tracking I personally did not want to do again and this results in a simple launcher that can be reconfigured and tinkered with/reset and no modification of $PATH. If you do want to do it manually, prior guides should work at least for setting wine up. The important bit is finding wine 3.8 (or later if they ever do fix the VBO regression. I haven't seen it yet as of 3.11. Oddly, wine-staging 3.2 has the regression as well.)

I also intentionally spread a wide net for the proprietary dependencies. If you play on stations that don't use multiple fonts you can probably cut that down to just the fonts you need, and you might be able to get away with just vcrun2013 instead of including 2008 to plug potential gaps, and WMP10+the codecs are mostly for stations that use streaming media.

Winbind isn't a hard dependency but resolves a number of errors and debug messages on ubuntu.

Hope this helps and I can answer any questions that crop up.
Decided to report it as a bug (because I had confirmation from others that it was happening) and learned me how to do some regression testing,

If you don't mind installing a bunch of crud manually and compiling, you can follow this up to just before actually compiling wine.

to get wine 3.13,
and then do
git revert -n 0db4d1c251d293333e2721a78d6156008a90ff6f

and config+compile+install

The resulting wine environment should run dreamseeker just fine.

Unless you're on a 32bit install of linux, you will end up having to manually hunt down install a bunch of -dev:i386 files and some of them straight won't install without ripping out perfectly functional 64bit versions (such as SDL and gstreamer), but thankfully the only dependencies I found that did this weren't required. If you really want a fully functional version of wine you can set up a 32bit chroot and compile it from inside there, then import it back to your 64bit system and install.
Update: Use whatever version of wine you want now. You have to set HKEY_CURRENT_USER->Software->Direct3D-> (REG_DWORD, decimal) MaxVersionGL to 3
because dreamseeker under wined3d converts some d3d extension to glLineStipple in opengl, which was depreciated in opengl 3.1

Do note that if you try to run any other game on the same prefix, it will be limited to openGL 3.0 extensions until you change it in the registry.
Whoops. That sets it to 0.3. You'd need to use hexidecimal 30000
We've got a working IE9 installer (as of wine staging 3.13) details.aspx?id=29254
In response to Octareenroon91
It's spotty but you can install it with enough coin flips. The problem is that even with it installed it doesn't increase compat with any of the stations that use enhanced interfaces.
For that matter, I also used the same method to install the windows 7 32bit version of this internet-explorer-downloads

still didn't help anything