So, I just Installed Byond on a Windows XP Computer from some years ago, the problem appears in the moment I try to Open Byond a Blank Error Popup Appears and I can't find a way to fix it.

Sometimes if I quickly try to open Byond again the Taskbar Icon appears but I'm unable to open it.

Anyway to fix this problem?

What operating system and/or browser are you using?
Windows XP
What were you trying to do when the problem occurred?
Open up a Recently installed version of Byond
What actually happened, and how did it differ from what you expected?
Not even the opening launcher popup appeared, the only thing that appeared was a blank Error popup
What steps did you follow?
1.- Install Byond
2.- try to open
3.- Enjoy your newly blank popup
Are you using XP SP3? If not you need to update that.

Windows XP support is likely to end at some point anyway, inasmuch as I no longer test on XP machines.
Yeah, I'm using SP3.