So I am very new to the whole process of working with Linux and recently installed Ubuntu 16.4 unity on my chromebook with crouton. Anyways Iíve been working with it and installed wine with the one I have being 1.6.2 which is far from any recent version but i get stumped trying to install any recent ones.

Dispite all the things above I can run byond on my laptop but it requires me to open it up 3 times. If only done once it gets stuck on the byond logo loading screen always loading information. When I open it 3 times though the pager comes up with games friends home and settings there but friend and game tabs will always load never to bring up any games. I can use open location and directly connect to games to play but it wonít sign me in so Iím stuck as a guest which is bad when thereís some games you canít play without a account and me already having stuff on my accounts. Iíve tried some of the old ways here for getting it to work but it either makes byond pager go completely white(canít use settings==>open location to play games) or does nothing at all. Is there anyone who been on Linux playing or just anyone in general with any ideas of how I fix this?
Definitely get a newer WINE version. I assume you've installed ie8 with winetricks but the pager still doesn't work.

Ubuntu 16.04 is old isn't it? Ok, you'll want to use xenial when looking at Ubuntu builds of WINE, and stretch when looking at Debian builds of WINE. You should be able to install Debian builds into your Ubuntu just fine. what-debian-version-are-the-different-ubuntu-versions-based- on

Try either:
$ sudo add-apt-repository 'deb xenial main'

Or if those old Ubuntu packages don't exist anymore you can try Debian:
$ echo "deb stretch main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/wine.list

Be aware that older packages are often removed from main servers due to the space they take up. But there are often archival repositories that should have them.


$ wget -nc
$ sudo apt-key add winehq.key

$ sudo apt-get update
$ apt-cache policy wine:i386
$ apt-cache policy wine-development:i386
$ apt-cache policy wine-staging:i386
$ apt-cache policy winehq-stable:i386
$ apt-cache policy winehq-devel:i386
$ apt-cache policy winehq-staging:i386

Find the most recent WINE version available to your distro version, I have no idea what that is, you'll have to figure that out on your own by reading the output of those apt-cache policy commands. Or build from source if you want WINE 6.5, but that isn't trivial for most people.

Also back then I think Debian may have not implemented multiarch as good, some of those packages might be, e.g. wine-development-i386 instead of wine-development:i386.

Also, from my understanding older WINE versions needed winetricks to install more than just ie8, look at old HOWTOs to see the list of things they did to get BYOND to work with older WINE versions. Note that newer winetricks versions drop support for older WINE versions, so you'd want an older winetricks version... or just install a newer distro if you're able to. Oh you're probably limited by the crouton's chroot having to roughly be the same kernel version as the Chrome OS? Anyway, good luck.

Look into CrossOver from CodeWeavers, they have a Chrome OS version. Try their free trial. Supporting them means WINE bugs get fixed faster & gives them incentive to implement features you want.