I have discussed a few times in the past I've been working on procedural generation on my game, part of this is because I'm lazy, I want the mapping to be done for me. So depending on the turf and it's location, they can generate a number of different things, like filling in forests or caverns for me.

I have been playing Dwarf Fortress a bit lately and I like how they got that map system on multiple Zs and I want to do something like that. Mainly, for a world map, every space on that map could be a location you can enter in to, which takes you to a closer view.

My idea is that specific tiles will correlate with specific maps that are already pre-defined by the game. My idea is that when a tile is being entered in for the first time, the game pulls the reference of that map and then adds a new map to the game and then saves that map, so each time the server restarts or whatever, that map is still there when it first generated.

Is something like this possible? I am not even sure where to begin with this.
There are a lot of different ways that you can handle this, but a really easy way to get around having to manage saving maps, which can be a headache, is to use a seed.

Basically a seed tells the random number generator to generate the same random number given the same start conditions, so if you have a procedurally generated map, given the same seed, the same map would generate every time. This way each of your areas could be managed on the fly without having to load them in.
If you want to create a map out of a tile, you could read the colors of the pixels and correlate them with a turf. Thus a 32x32 icon can become a 32x32 map (and vice versa).