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I have been trying to host a Space Station 13 server, and have had multiple problems with Dream Deamon. I previously worked fine, but now it has crashed, disconnected me, etc. As of most recently, I ran a Byond reinstall which ended up breaking Dream Deamon. Shortly after, my Anti-virus reported that Byond was infected with IDP generic, and quarantined it. Has anyone else experienced this problem and is there a fix?
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It sounds like a false positive. BYOND doesn't really collect enough personally identifiable information for it to be worth the effort to use to steal someone's identity.

I'd say you're probably safe to remove it, with the caveat that I'm not a cyber security expert by any stretch of the imagination.

Also keep in mind that BYOND can get flagged for a lot of reasons, you're safe to let her through the door.
Honestly, you shouldn't need additional anti-viruses beyond Windows Defender. The simplest solution would be to stop using that anti-virus.

Moving beyond that, you could add BYOND's programs to the exception list for your anti-virus. If you're using Avast, you can do this by performing the following steps:

1. Open Avast Antivirus and go to Menu -> Settings.
2. Select General -> Exceptions.
3. Click Add Exception.
4. Type the specific file path, or folder path, for BYOND's programs then click Add Exception.

Ordinarily, I would also advise that you report BYOND as a false positive to Avast, but given that Avast has routinely ignored the hundreds of requests for them to whitelist BYOND, I'd say that's just wasted time.

I'll mention one last time that you really, really don't need additional anti-virus programs anymore. Once upon a time they were great, but now they're basically bloatware.
Thanks for the advice!
Yeah, Avast is hot garbage anymore. Time to give it the boot.