I started using Pop OS distro for a week now and i wanted to play SS13 but i'm having issues.
I used this tutorial(link below) and it actually worked, i can open BYOND and join a game, but that's as far as it goes. I can't access most machines, the test can only be read without the "fancy one" also text doesn't appear above the characters and many other annoying UI problems.

Is there any way to fix?
If not, is there another tutorial i could use so it works properly?

Link for the tutorial i used: a_stepbystep_guide_on_running_space_station_13_on/
no way currently, most of ss13 servers require at least ie10 now and wine doesn't support later ie versions almost at all.

You can always make a windows 7 VM or somethin' like that, then you can play spessman game without issues (mostly).
Does thou Not Use DualBooting to playth of the ss13? jokes aside if you have additional space in your desktop case or laptop get a cheap hdd or if you do't mind running with some lag do what Agateophobia says and use a vm I would recommend using virtual box unless you have an additional gpu to use pcie passthrough