The week got off to a little bit of a rocky start due to scheduling issues, but since then I've been working on bug reports, some new and some older, and moving forward with some 516 feature stuff.

The bug work is still a little disorganized, because my old workflow for handling that basically went offline with the old system and I'm trying to figure out a new way of managing things on the new one. I have a tendency to get a little scatterbrained so without that structure it's been messing me up a bit, but I'm getting there.

For 516, I'm to the point of needing to add syntax and a name for the thing I've been working on, and I really need to get back to testing WebView2 stuff (not that it's much needed) and hopefully get things into a state where I can prepare for some alpha releases. It'll be nice to get the most hardcore users testing this out to see what they find, although by and large the switch has been pretty seamless. Handling installation is gonna be the sticking point, so I need to look into ways to detect that.

As always I'm grateful to those of you who contribute to keeping the lights on through BYOND Membership, or on various donation platforms like Patreon and SubscribeStar. This work wouldn't be possible without you.

December is here, and the tree is up! We have three weeks left to go before the break, and I have a mad scramble of shopping to do, to say nothing of other preparations. December tends to fly by in a hurry, so let's make the most of it. Frost those cookies, rig up those lights, and mak gam. I'll be back next week.
Lummox youre the Stickster, man!!

Enjoy the well-earned break, all us lurkers send our thanks.