Between sleep deprivation and more on-and-off allergy attacks (and a lamp incident) it's been a week of very scattershot development, and yet I actually got a fair amount done. You'll note that my plan to put out a new maintenance release did not happen, which was largely because there was too much still on deck for 515.

The first order of business however was finalizing icon position work in 516, including documentation. The breaking changes are finally ready to go for the next alpha release. I'm going to make sure these are well understood when we get into beta, and of course again when 516 becomes the new stable version. To be honest though, I'm not sure many games will even be affected. The biggest likelihood of an issue is with render_source positioning, and again not too many games are likely to have a problem there.

Since then I've mainly been looking into issues for 515: some bug reports that had been stacking up, and some feature requests that seemed feasible to sneak in. This includes one issue that only came up in Discord discussions related to warnings, where I'm going to be adding either a new warning or an extension of the no_parent warning for certain uses of the ..() call. There was also a feature request for sounds that turned into a surprisingly difficult problem when I tried to implement it, but it all worked out in the end.

Lastly I've been back on some 516 work, laying some foundations for the future planned movement overhaul. If I can get the necessary precursor structures in place in 516, that'll be a big step in the right direction.

Don't forget to ransack the couch cushions and show some love for BYOND. Our Members and supporters on the other subscription platforms keep this beautiful insanity going. Thank you all so much.

Next week is the last week of spring proper before the summer season really kicks off. And I get to sit here watching the school buses still come and go and say "Haha, suckers! You still have a month in school while I have to wo—" Wait. Never mind. But I can go get ice cream whenever I want, so there's that.
Lummox Jr:
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