Haha(Lil Wayne laugh) I'm finally back. This next game I'm working on which is just a remake of 1 of my old ones is going to be beast. The staff for it is kinda small but that's all we're gonna need. Me,Snow Pirate,Dr.DraX,and Dbztoy are going to make this one of the best Pokemon game all of you Pokemon fans have ever played. Beta testing will be out shortly. The map mirrors a lot of the Kanto region and will consist of all the Kanto region gyms. As the game progresses we will also add the Johto region. I'm looking for a good GFX artist so hit me up if you can help. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you all on the game.
You lost me at Lil Wayne.
Sup Ace ;) Glad your back.
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SinMaster1996 wrote:
Sup Ace ;) Glad your back.

Haha yes I'm glad too