I'll say one thing about Zoloft: when you're a fellow with low level generalized anxiety probably related to the depression of his overall social situation, just half a 50mg tablet is all it really takes to take the edge off and be able to enjoy the things you love again.

Well, no, I can't really say that at all: I can just say that this has been my experience with it. At around the time of my last BYOND blog entry, I was prescribed the stuff as an alternative to Wellbutrin (which pretty much was nothing but an appetite suppression in terms of what it did for me) and since then I largely have been playing games:

1. Orcs Must Die - (About 2 days of this.) Pretty solid first perspective tower defense/action game. Too short, but the price is right.

2. Fallout: New Vegas - (About 2-3 weeks of this.) Has it really been a year since this game was released? How time flies. The last time I tried to play this game, near release, I really could not get into it - it was kinda buggy and the flow felt really off to me. I gave it another try recently and was surprised to find it captivated me long enough to not only beat the main campaign but perform a second play through that endeavors to find everything. I'd probably still be on that second play, but then I hit the level cap and decided to wait until the DLC starts going on sale so I can get a raised level cap before playing again.

3. Killing Floor - (About a day of this.) Not my first play of this game, either. It's really a superb little Counterstrike vrs Zombies style game. Consequently, you could play it forever, should you be so inclined, but I like a bit more variety in my gaming.

4. Sword of the Stars II - (About 3 days of this, and it's ongoing as new patches are released.) Unfortunately, released in a state whose playability could be described as debatable. It crashes and a lot of the core functionality is missing. Paradox has, thus far, been doing a pretty good job of patching it back into shape, but I'd say they've a couple months to go until it's good for anything more than ogling the ship graphics porn. I hope they get the opportunity: I loved the first game, and still have hopes for this one. At least I'm getting the DLC for free by means of apology.

5. Two Worlds II - (About 3-4 days of this.) The original Two Worlds was maligned and perhaps justly so: it was a glitchy, temperamental game. Two Worlds II is a surprisingly well-polished game. I would not be surprised if it's considered better than Oblivion in some ways. It's still a little glitchy - mostly in terms of mob pathing - but it has a fairly good story flow and diversity of gameplay unfortunately hampered by having to equip a staff to cast spells.

6. DC Universe Online - (Ongoing.) I always knew that DC Universe Online would have been a far better F2P game than a P2P game, and indeed its population has blown up 10x. It's only been F2P for about a week, and SOE is struggling to get the servers stable under the new demand. DCUO is basically an action superhero RPG that got the action right but the customization wrong. Don't plan to design your favorite superhero concept in this, plan instead for a visceral action MMORPG where you must adapt yourself to what superhero concepts they have available.

7. City of Heroes. (Ongoing.) Still the deepest superhero MMORPG in existence, I've probably sunk 2000 hours in it before but have exhausted the content to the point where I don't feel like subscribing to this game, so I was excited to learn it is now F2P. Unfortunately, they broke the cardinal rule of F2P: never put essential things on P2P. The ability to invite to teams and core mission arcs qualify as essential, and that's letting invention enhancement creation go reluctantly. Perhaps I'm spoiled by later MMORPGs, but the old school combat does feel a bit cumbersome, even though I appreciate the element of choice involved.

Fun times had, but all the while I've failed to find work, work on my own little games, or otherwise improve my social situation. I'm currently planning on going back to school in January if only because student loans are the closest thing I can get to an income. I'm curious how well my newfound Zoloft-fueled optimism will translate to my game development endeavors. But that will have to wait a little while, as I'm eagerly looking forward to a certain game that's coming out this week and I've already pre-ordered.

I've been concentrating on The Binding of Isaac with just a touch of Blocks That Matter. However, I've also had a lot of fun with the demo for Unepic.
All three look interesting, I should give them a spin! I noticed I missed that steam sale on The Binding Of Isaac, but I imagine there'll be another along before too long.
The Humble Bundle currently has a bundle of Isaac, Blocks, and Voxatron.
Good call. I did the first two Humble Bundles as well.
If you're looking for a more RPG-ish style of Orcs Must Die, you should have a look at Dungeon Defenders.
Cause of this post I got into orcs must die lol, it is a beastly game!

Tower Defense and you can help out to, that is just awesome xD.

I think I'm going to try out Dungeon Defenders(Courtesy of DivineTraveller xD), now that I've defeated orcs must die.