BYONDcast is hosting a Byond gaming event planned for a game called Casual Quest created by Iain Peregrine!

Casual Quest:
"A fast paced, casual, multi player action game with a little RPG touch"

The event will be hosted sometime this weekend, so if your free, be sure to check it out. The exact time the event starts has not been put in stone at the moment, but when word has been given you will be notified. (Be sure to follow this topic then.)

Be sure to try it out beforehand for a slight advantage on Game Day.

- See you there Dream Seekers.
Thanks, Truseeker! (:
In response to Oasiscircle
Unfortunately the event has been pushed back for another time, but don't let the stop you from enjoying a game of Casual Quest. The event will be held sometime in the future, sorry for any disappointment.

Remember, you can still have a blast with your friends or host your own Byond Gaming events, all you need is a good host, a voice (keyboard), and a desire to play. Your not limited to having events known only to the Byond website, go abroad and tell the internet! (Only advertise in places open to it.)

Back to building my own net dreams.

Keep dreaming.
- Truly