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Type in the words "miserable failure".

Hit "I'm Feeling Lucky"
Hedgemistress wrote:
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Type in the words "miserable failure".

Hit "I'm Feeling Lucky"

Someone doing some research went to Google and searched on "French military victories".

Google said "Did you mean French military defeats?"
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Finally, a search engine with a sense of humor. Now all we need is one with a bad attitude, a teenage rebel and a really paranoid one.
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DarkView wrote:
... a really paranoid one.

I can see it now..

Why did you search for nuclear bomb assembly? What are you going to do once you find it? Hide me.


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Deadron wrote:
Hedgemistress wrote:
Go to

Type in the words "miserable failure".

Hit "I'm Feeling Lucky"

Someone doing some research went to Google and searched on "French military victories".

Google said "Did you mean French military defeats?"

That was a photoshopped image.
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Ask Jeeves has had crazy stuff like that implemented, I found a website with lots of ways to make him do funny stuff.
In response to DarkView
Why, are we making a reality show about search engines?
In response to Hedgemistress
How about a search engine MakeOVer!?!?! That would be cool!!!...

I was watching Good Morning America this morning, and they were saying that right now there is roughly 40, yes 40! Makeover shows throughout all the T.V. channels available in the U.S....Anywhere from make overs for women, to house makeovers, to single room makeovers, to even the hit show Queer eye for the Strait Guy....*shudders*
In response to Hedgemistress
Nah, Fox already has four in production.
In response to Deadron
Funny you should mention that, because I found: when searching for "France". =D
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go to and search "aol cd".
my all time favorite is - type in your name and see what it produces!

digital mouse is moving
digital mouse is cute
digital mouse is ps/2 compatible

digi is gone
digi is the leader
digi is ready to be operated without having to restart the system
digi is a recognised brand with a reputation
digi is almost 9" (wow... didn't know that one)
digi is one of those useful things
digi is a big time surfer
digi is lost

Googlism for: the digitalmouse
Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about the digitalmouse yet.

aw, darn it!
In response to digitalmouse
Sorry, Google doesn't know enough about siientx yet.

In response to digitalmouse
Googlism for: scoobert

scoobert is his real name
scoobert is only about 6 or 7 inches tall and about 3 wide so he is easy to hide most anywhere
scoobert is charming and funny
scoobert is a good actor
scoobert is his mother
scoobert is the best
In response to digitalmouse
I got a stupid thing for Airjoe, so I thought I'd post my actual name, which is much funnier :-)

joe dougherty is summoned to ossining state prison by david galvin

joe dougherty is a former newspaper writer whose life has gone downhill since the death of his wife and child

joe dougherty is the systems and network administrator at a defense department forensic laboratory

joe dougherty is now the proud owner of hook

joe dougherty is responsible for miles' imposing use of poetic text

joe dougherty is king

joe dougherty is very sick at this writing

joe dougherty is an associate

joe dougherty is quoted as

joe dougherty is one of them

joe dougherty is kind of bringing up the rear

joe dougherty is the contact person for memorabilia

In response to Scoobert
"scoobert is his mother"

-inches away from him slowly-

I got:

(Ignore the random women remarks and your fine, some of them are even true! Infact, i'd say 97%% of these are true...funky huh? -looks around suspiciously-)

Googlism for: karasu

karasu is an artist who works in numerous art forms from abstract to representational
karasu is still concentrating on critical positions to
karasu is the author or editor of eleven books and the author or co
karasu is the editor
karasu is me
karasu is currently under contract with several parties and is only accepting work on a very limited case by case basis
karasu is more than just "web design"
karasu is a mysterious man
karasu is covered by the plant's sharp
karasu is faster and stronger
karasu is one of the nicest people i have had the honor of 'meeting' here at elfwood
karasu is an archer? well this is a pic with his first bow
karasu is invited by the casa de la cultura
karasu is known as a throw back to the early days of of the kalathian people
karasu is cute as a blonde
karasu is writing the update this time
karasu is obviously enjoying torturing kurama
karasu is a baddie
karasu is cynical and aggressive
karasu is the fourth princess of the crystal planet
karasu is back again
karasu is running his hands through kurama's hair
karasu is most often the one to be healed by rikuisu
karasu is able to draw even from the
karasu is my going to be my first decent shrine
karasu is 150 metres from the waterfalls
karasu is having trouble thinking of what she should put in her profile
karasu is not at all pleased at how this is coming out
karasu is suffering from a nasty attack of the flu bug
karasu is my #1 favorite
karasu is run by a wonderful couple who seemingly can not stop from dancing through every show
karasu is an impresive specimin
karasu is a unicorn and a shugenja rather than a lion samurai
karasu is
karasu is obviously infatuated with kurama
karasu is dodo
karasu is a character from the anime
karasu is much of a loner
karasu is as
karasu is a
karasu is a teacher
karasu is the next
karasu is one of a very rare kind of beings that enjoys suffering
karasu is the blade and the lotus
karasu is made out of
karasu is not very far from safakulevo
karasu is relating the story of how mikami's parents met
karasu is great
karasu is a black raven (Karasu is raven in japanese, hehe ^^;)
karasu is up and open
karasu is one the creepiest characters ever created
karasu is ressurected
karasu is the opportunity it provides the project's lawyers to increase their competence of land law by
karasu is dead
karasu is not youkai anymore
karasu is one of my favourite obscure indy guys
karasu is back
karasu is the last beach open to the public on the peninsula
karasu is the author of wisdom in the practice of psychotherapy
karasu is the japanese equivalent
karasu is also from yyh (Yuyu hakusho)
karasu is 7 km and the end of the tongue is situated on the height of 3150 m
karasu is noted for having the oldest palm tree on the island
karasu is not such a difficult book
karasu is running
karasu is managing
karasu is een koi die geheel zwart is deze koi is dus niet zo aantrekkelijk als men de koi wilde gaan houden om zijn mooie kleuren maar desondanks kan het een (Wtf?)
karasu is a big meanie
karasu is standing in hiei's office
karasu is the only known master of the art
karasu is really that impressive as a sweeper
karasu is against it
karasu is back and he's after kurama
karasu is one of the toguro team the urameshi team
karasu is standing in hieiís office
karasu is near
karasu is behind them for backup
karasu is kuni yori's friend
karasu is still with the pcs
karasu is a freak
In response to Deadron
Yeah, that spoof is here:

...and don't forget the Elmer Fudd edition of Google!

In response to Garthor
In response to Kujila
wow..jerico2day had none, but jerico returned a lot of results..i cut out all the garbage and left the funny ones:D

jerico is planned to be installed in the spektr module of the russian space station mir
jerico is definitely a great band worth checking out
jerico is the only way to go
jerico is available with synchros that are designed for clutch
jerico is a militia leader of a group known as sons of he minutemen
jerico is now being considered as a hitch
jerico is a 22
jerico is a good example
jerico is a closet terrorist willing to murder his imagined enemies
jerico is a distrustful one
jerico is cut down or part because he is not anymore paid
jerico is a strange band
jerico is modeled roughly after the eccentric alan turing
jerico is the fictional account of the dominican friar santiago who is sent
jerico is stubborn
jerico is watching
jerico is always adapting to the challenges presented to us from our wide array of customers
jerico is well known for high quality at the best prices
jerico is doing far better than his brothers who couldnít find stable jobs
jerico is 4
jerico is in constant need of chastening
jerico is equiped with an internal hoop frame for additional support under heavy loads
jerico is stunning
jerico is back again with fozzy on their sophmore release happenstance
jerico is surrounded by a trench built by the israeli army eight feet wide and five feet deep to prevent any cars or foot travelers from
jerico is yellow
jerico is practicing driving
jerico is trying to figure out who murdered the gold digger flannagan
jerico is probably right
jerico is the most unlikely of hereos that solves the mystery without the use of superhuman intellect and powers
jerico is da man
jerico is only ever available to black library subscribers
jerico is cracking skulls in the underhive
jerico is in there
jerico is sabbat
jerico is able to counter and almost gets a near fall
jerico is ever going to come?" jeremy asked
jerico is looking
jerico is another female surfing legend but i don't know her story
jerico is not gifted with the talent of contortionism
jerico is a picture of our lives before we are saved
jerico is just waaaaaay outta hand
jerico is coming down just
jerico is my cousin too
jerico is gay and needs to stop being so jelaus of triple h that is so childish
jerico is well worth it
jerico is really cool
jerico is sooooo cute
jerico is myth
jerico is probably going to go to the titans
jerico is alittle better that hhh & rock were when they started but still
jerico is on the plain at 1300 feet below sea level
In response to digitalmouse
DarkView had nothing, but Dark View returned this.

dark view is enough to make even a fan of the gothic and the noir long nostalgically for the innocence of a miss marple
dark view is designed to show a
dark view is the bleak mood of uncertainty that hangs over mamet scripts like permanent storm clouds
dark view is my own
dark view is ever present here
dark view is evident in spades
dark view is that if higher education does not employ the means to assess itself
dark view is default use in the editor and placing of flags is the light view
dark view is that it flows from a fairly low estimation of our fellow men
dark view is reflected in
dark view is constructed with the support of content analysis studies which appear almost designed to incriminate the media
dark view is not necessarily so
dark view is widely held
dark view is especially present
dark view is personified through the nine songs on the exile album
dark view is tempered by
dark view is right
dark view is counterbalanced with a
dark view is still evident
dark view is misplaced
dark view is given in fig
dark view is the only real con i can see
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