Hazordhu is about to enter a dark time. There have been whispers of a coming darkness, and it's finally approaching hard upon the land. It's up to the players to discover what this means, and defeat it.

Ceojac and I have been busy at work, slaving away at something truly great. For the first time ever, a large-scale RP event is being launched for Haz. This event, which will go live September 2nd, will come in four weekly chapters. Each chapter will come with changes - some more noticeable than others. The event will bring with it new content (and bug fixes), some of which will remain in the game after the event ends, and a lot of which is event-only, so be sure to get in there to experience while you can!

If you've never played Haz before, this will be a great time to start.The success of this event will determine whether or not more events will be released. To top it off, a special one-of-a-kind account-bound item will be awarded to a random player who is present during the events of Chapter IV. If the Harbinger of Darkness is successful, more unique items are to be expected.
So be ready Friday, September 2nd! The fate of Hazordhu is in your hands!
Awesome, looking forward to it!
Things just got serious.