I've had far too much going on lately to really blog about the last bunch of updates and round results. For those that still care, the last round results are available here:

For the rest, there was an update to Wargames before I hosted a new server. It included a new option which is hopefully a mid-way between warmonger and auto-unpun limits. With the Unpun Era option you can decide whether a country is unshackled at a certain era. You can have auto-unpun turns on as well, but this way you can guarantee some development before going into the wilds.

There has been some major nerfing of the cashflow from schools. Basically, an intended effect of increasing towns is a balooning effect on your economy if its well educated. It has long been overflowing for people hitting 100 million citizens so I've decided to knock it down. It is still proportional, but big nations should see income reduced to about a 1/3 of what it used to be. I've included a new tab in the MoEconomy now to show where your money comes from, be it schools, commercials etc. In addition, the MoWar now has a back-to-first-page button, as clicking anything else wouldn't let you return without coming out of MoW and back in again.

I also attempted to improve town images in the early eras and diversify it a bit. God knows if its any better than before.

I've also started work on some video tutorials, which the first is already on youtube but I'll post more about them at a later time (namely, when there is something interesting worth watching). I might go as far as fully implementing it into the game and creating a "single player" section so you can practice and learn the game (was my original intention, but went against it).


Brettpenzer hosted Survive This! last night, so I had a chance to look at the game under multiplayer. The game sure needs a lot of work still, and not being able to play in Multiplayer often has obviously effected the way the game looks. For that reason, I've made a 'patch' last night which is now uploaded which improves the interface slightly and informs the player a bit better about what is going on.

There is one major change which I attempted in this patch though, and that is in non-Survival modes the barricades is no longer in a default line. Instead, you have to place them yourselves. How and where is up to you.

Usually I would only bother updating Survive This once a year, but people hosting and subscribing give me a chance (and reason) to update more often. Subscriptions to Survive This is a one off fee, check its hub page or in game for more details.

Wargames update:

* Fix: Minor text bug said that revolutionising to President was a Dictator.
* Fix: Attempted fix at a combat land bug.
* Change: Benefit of B and A Education ratings have been nerfed.
* Change: MoWar now has a button to return to the Ministries front page, so one doesn't have to click out of it and back in.
* Change: Tried to improve and vary the early Town icons for both Western and Eastern styles.
* Change: Infamy from nuking and bombing should now raise much quicker.
* New: MoEconomy now has an additional tab which gives you a breakdown of how you raise your money. It is split into:
- Poll tax (based purely on population), Commercial Tax (based on upgraded towns), Income Tax (based on educational grade) and Government Services (Government Buildings).
* New: New host option, Unpun at era. Once you have reached this era, you auto unpun. This could be future, or could be WW2, or whatever you want to allow semi-free development.

Survive This! Update

* Rearranged layout and tried to make the say box clearer.
* Player is alerted when the horde is moving on the local minimap, in case people thought it was lag or something.
* Cleaning Zombie guts now caters for the square above and the square below you, rather than just the square on, left and right of you.
* Instead of losing the game at the destruction of a barracade, it now happens when a Zombie reaches the reload zone. This means a barracade can be destroyed and not result in a game over.
* You can now build barracades, as opposed to just having a set thin line of it as before. This makes it both easier to use to your advantage, and due to its starting maintainance costlier to waste metal.
* To help with this, the starting # of metal has raised from 10 to 50.
* Made selecting region slightly more helpful.
* Minimap Horde mechanics starting to be formed, long crops will potentially confuse and delay Zombies, while roads will make their journey shorter.
* Increased the base effect of Zombie blood to make it more noticeable.
Nothing about your video guide? =P
Last paragraph about Wargames :p I need to do more but haven't had a quiet couple of hours to do anymore yet. I would like to link them into some form of interactive in-game tutorial afterwards.
I didn't see any links so I assumed there was nothing about it =P
Superfetch wrote:
I didn't see any links so I assumed there was nothing about it =P

Right. I can't find it :(
I'll link them in a blog post of its own when I get round to some actual gameplay videos :p