/mob/verb/ThisIsATest(T as text)
var/l = findtext(T,"[")
var/p = copytext(l,l+26)
world << p

Problem description:

I want to find "[##] [##] [##] [##] [##] [##]" in a block of text. But i get this error:

unterminated text expression (expecting ])

Thanks in advance, Lcooper.
[ is used in the DM compiler and that is why you're getting that error. What you need to do is put "\[" to signify you are just typing a bracket, not have an opening bracket for the compiler to use.
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k thanks
my msg is short cuz im on my psp
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It didnt work.
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What he means is:
findtext(blah,"\[") //Notice how the bracket is not dark.