anyone here know how to do this? i mean if the files get compiled they can be de-compiled, the only reaoson i want to learn this is because my absolut favorite byond game,Battle of Evemore,has had its only coppy of source code corupted. you dont even need to tel me how to do this. i wwould just appreciate it if whoever can do this decommpile the files and email them to camo and hendrix(the games creators) thanks a bunch
There is a BYOND decompiler, which Dan and Tom possess. It's just a little itsy-bitsy out of date, generates mostly unreadable code, and they wouldn't let you use it, anyway.

Not all processes are reversible. Compiling is one of them.
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So basicly, you want to steal someone elses source because it's your favorite game?
Regardless of what others say, no decompiler for the DM language exists, there used to be one Dan had but it wouldn't work anymore.
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No, he even said the person decompiling can send it to the game creators.