Not sure if this is an error in windows but here goes:

Ok I have 2 pictures, 1 labled "A" and the other named "C".

I change the name of "C" to "B", and everything works fine.

However, when I change "A" to "C", the image of "A" randomly gets changed to what was "C".

Does anyone know what might be causing this?
This belongs in Code Problems I believe.
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But it doesn't involve programming at all?
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it has nothing to do with the byond engine itself, I don't even have byond installed on this computer yet (its on my GOOD computer)

It's problems with png images Im going to use for my game
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Woops! I missed the part where it said "windows". I saw image and was like "image() proc! >:O" ^-^; My bad.
wtf? That's wierd. Perhaps your preview hasn't updated (previews are cached). Try pressing F5 in the folder view (or simply open the image).
Press 'F5' or delete the '' file in the directory. If you can't see '', turn on "Show hidden files or folders".

Basically, Windows caches the scaled-down version of the graphic it displays for thumbnails. When you rename A to C, there's still the cached icon for C sitting around in Thumbs.db, so it gets displayed. Your new C is fine, you haven't lost the picture - you just need to kick Windows up the bum and tell it to update its cache.
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You could also tell windows to delete all cached previews. I do this right before defragmentation so it's not slowing me down as much.

George Gough