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So in that picture you see some walls that are opaque and BYOND draws this black border thing to block out what they shouldn't be able to see, but when viewed diagonally it is all jagged and doesn't look good. Is there anything you could do to change it so that it is not jagged but looks like a straight diagonal line?
You could use a loop that determines the tiles in view and some code to add an appropriate image() to each tile based on that information. But you'd have to figure out the logic yourself, figure out what icons are needed, and figure out the code to determine what icons to use where to get the desired effect.
With my 130 players I don't think that will be viable, it sounds intensive. I would have to rescan every tile in sight every time the player moves. Then use my Is_viewable() proc that I already have to check visibility, then apply images.
There's no built in way to do what you want, that's the only way it's going to be able to work.

You could make a feature request, but if the view size is small the overhead even for 130 players should be minimal.

You could always make a feature request, but there's no guarantee others will like the idea or it'll ever get implemented.
BYOND's opacity/view code has always been tile-based and isn't really suited to what you're describing. True shadowcasting (and lighting) would be a nice feature, though I have no idea how that could be implemented properly. A basic version that treated all opaque objects as square would be a place to start I suppose.

Shadowcasting would introduce a number of issues that would have to be addressed, such as how to deal with screen objects and objects that are partially obscured but have an obscured part visible (e.g. infravision).
I think that would be a nice way to go about it for starting Lummox, but at the current state the request itself can be handled by not using BYOND's built-in opacity. There's been a lot of light/shading talk in the forums for the past few years. A few have looked promising as far as congested servers goes.
There's been talk on lighting and shaders, but never anything substantive.
Being able to pull off decent lighting without murdering the server resources would open a whole new world of BYOND games, Lummox and I have been talking back and forth on it for years but never really came up with a good solid idea. (Dude hasn't played Link to the Past, so that reference flew over his head and I wept.)