I like Aaiko's as-is.
Wow, now that is how you implement a color scheme.
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Tom wrote:
A.T.H.K wrote:
Sorry Tom .. You have to admit it is a lot better...

Nothing to be sorry about! I am all for improving the layout or color-scheme. It's just a matter of coming to a good consensus. The thing about white is that no one really hates it.. but no one really loves it either.

While the white is nice .. but bright I really think colour (yes I use the U just like mum) could be best..

One problem with logging it to the site is you end up back at this page - http://www.byond.com/

With that sorry to say but ugly "BYOND Free Download" button that looks like an ad, I haven't seen ad placement on the site as I have ad-block.

I realise that the front page is every easy to use and takes you to the correct places but if feels like you never logged in at all.

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SuperAntx wrote:
Something like this?

Something like that could work, but, the read title background should be a darker shade than the rest of the box.

On a side note, I darkened the background behind the main area to make the center area pop out a bit more.
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Avainer1 wrote:
That's false. You pay $24 to have your game listed on BYOND. The software is free. If you wish, develop a game and have it listed on another site. However, if you wish to get your game listed on BYOND, money is required. This makes sense.

Edit: You can make hubs, however can't submit then for listing.

Okay so how do I make a available for other to play without a hub? If we can.
Asterr, there are other methods, you can link them to the game directly using the byond://IP:port method.
Do what NEStalgia has done .... advertise like mad ...
One thing I just noticed was the forum doesn't have a view count for threads. Was that a conscious decision or just something which was forgotten?
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SuperAntx wrote:
Flame Sage wrote:
I think unread posts should be orange, and read posts should have a light blue header like we do now?

Something like this?

This is a good idea. But like you said, the orange needs to be subdued. I also don't quite agree with the header for read posts, coupled with the color for the name space it makes things a little monotone. It could be slightly darker I think.

Edit: this is what I think we should do with read post headers: http://imgur.com/jUhDU, still not sure about the orange.
I prefer them all to white, white, white and light blue lol.
Nice job and keep it up
Should probably put an extra set of breadcrumbs at the bottom of the page to make navigation a little quicker.

Also, why are all replies indented? It throws off the layout slightly and seems more like a vestige of the old forum trees than anything else. It doesn't really serve a purpose.
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SuperAntx wrote:
Also, why are all replies indented? It throws off the layout slightly and seems more like a vestige of the old forum trees than anything else. It doesn't really serve a purpose.

I agree the indent should be removed. It's really noticeable on pages after the first page also, since the margins just look uneven for no reason.

Here's what I have so far on a games list mockup.

Just FYI, we've been using Aaiko's mockups as a template for some new changes. We're doing a slight variation by using white as one of the colors, but it isn't nearly as prominent. We'll release it for a public "test" shortly.
Aaiko's looks great without any white, IMO.
Yeah, I can see where people might find the white too bright, but I think it helps make parts of the site really pop. Anyway, I have no problem iterating on it after we release.
Here's my mockup with the white backgrounds like Tom likes.


Edit: The white actually looks pretty good after looking it over for a bit, I think. The white on silver with the glow/shadow looks pretty nice.

I still think the inside of each hub entry box needs some structure and style, though.
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What i would want to see from Tom and Lummox is that they explain how DM Language works and how things are done (Each function, yes ,-,), so other developers (C++, if i'm not wrong BYOND is on C++ lol i don't record) could see how it works and give a better way to do that (If there's of course). So BYOND stays as a closed source program but people still know how it works so they can improve it together. :D Just an idea, though.

Inb4 rage, madness and trolling :hides:
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I can see that being a fairly phenomenal waste of their time, as we can generally reverse and demangle the binary ourselves for a bunch of stuff. Suggesting improvements also kinda doesn't offer much to them, as it's easy to suggest and not consider the development time involved in a change.
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