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It does have microtransactions now.

They're hardly micro transactions. You can buy silver from the playstation store which you can use to buy new character emotes or items from vendors for a cheaper price than the default currency - which nobody buys from the vendors anyway.

It isn't shoved in your face and doesn't offer any real advantage over other players.
Yeah, the Hive Thralls are fucking terrifying. lolol
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I beg to differ if someone can look better than me (Flaming blue skull) or even dance better than me they are automatically 100% better than me. Imagine if bloodborne tried to add microtransactions for cosmetic shite? i couldnt be fashionborne anymore QQ. I like looking sexy.

Man the thralls only reason i ever died in destiny and then when i walk into a room and it goes pitch black and you hear that screech all the hair on your body stands up QQ.
Sony charges people to keep their online services better. But they were hacked and thousands of users data was stolen. I can see the money is being put into the right place.
Too bad I only have the demo Destiny for PS4. =(

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I also agree that their marketing platform is super fucked up with how expensive the expansions are when they include some major game changing features. What else do you expect with Activision as a publisher, though?

I don't give a damn who the publisher is, I expect to pay for a product, get it, and get my monies worth.

But as for the scale of the game, keep in mind we've only just entered year two. Bungie expressed that they were going to support and expand on Destiny for a minimum of 10 years. The Taken King is only the first major expansion and added a lot of content in itself. Games are at a point where developers can evolve and grow their product over years now. We as gamers and critics are going to have to learn to be patient with our judgments.

No no no no fuck no ahh.



It is not ok for a game to be shit with the excuse "We're going to fix it later". That is DAMN not ok.
Inb4 destiny 2 comes out next year, and all destiny support is dropped U.U.
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The game being shit is relative - I think it's a great game. I do strongly disagree with the whole concept of paying for DLC unless said DLC is particularly content heavy. Example being Dishonored's DLC, or even The Taken King. The Taken King is ridiculously overpriced, but it adds enough content I'd be willing to pay ~$10 for it.

You could also always buy the gold edition for $80 and get all the expansions free.
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Bethesda's name alone is enough for me to throw my money at the screen.

I just have that level of respect for the content and awesomeness that they release that doesnt cease to amaze me over and over again.

I think it's that level of respect that created destiny in the first place tho.
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Kumorii wrote:
You could also always buy the gold edition for $80 and get all the expansions free.

My friend bought the Ghost edition, which is what you're talking about. Fun fact:

"The Destiny Expansion Pass (34.99 USD value, redeemable for Expansion I and Expansion II)"

You get that. No Taken King for free, or any of the new expansions. Just the first two.

Yeah they're fucking bullshit.
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Well shit, that does suck.
Speaking of dlc. Dying Light Dlc sexy.
i stopped at like 302 light lvl 40

gunna start playing again soon tho if u got ps4
tl;dr who needs big publiaher games when undertale exists
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tl;dr who needs big publiaher games when undertale exists

Still need an audience to get it out there for you.
Destiny looks like bad Firefall
its a badbadbadbadbadbadbadbadbadbadbadbadbadbadbadbadbadbadbadbad badbadbadbadbadbadbadbadbadbadbadbadbadbadbadbadbad game in general, i honestly wouldn't have played longer than an hour if it weren't for my friends playing
i don't play but they must be doing something right.
Ghost and Kumo - Fireteam 4 lyfe.
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