(See the best response by Nadrew.)
the super game ran by Exgenesis got money from me then banned me from playing i payed him over 20 dallors then banns me i would like my money back before we go furher on to collect
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BYOND doesn't handle in-game issues or transactions unless they're utilizing BYOND's subscription/credit service (the game in question is not).

You'll have to contact the owner of the game or your card provider with any disputes you have.
the game owners the one robbing everyone ill take futher act to collect
That's between you and the owners of the game, BYOND itself has nothing to do with it. Good luck.
File a claim against the transaction with your bank?
lol Super is the DBZ game that takes people's money and keeps getting flagged for copyright strikes and shit. Its name has been changed several times by now. I'm surprised Exgen and them haven't been blacklisted from BYOND by now tbh.