A while ago, a coder at /vg/station accidentally discovered that there is a built-in proc named key(). I haven't been able to find any mention of it anywhere. All I've been able to discern about it from testing is that it is an output method that takes a file as its only argument (though it won't runtime if given a string that is not the name of a file). Unlike message(), it does not generate a warning if compiled with.
So what does it do?
I believe it used to let you grab a key account from a specific keys.txt type file way back when Dream Seeker handled logins and it was possible to switch accounts without closing the client.

I could be wrong though, a lot of procs and hidden client-side commands got the ax when the standalone pager came along.
probably a convenience function for client.Export("##action=addkey",file)


ya when i call key() with client debugging on,

I get this error in O&M
BUG: Unexpected export parameters: ##action=addkey