i finally got it running on a Linux host in Virtualbox with a XP professional guest and XP SP3 and DX and vcredist installed, but(t)
i have terrible Ping (above 500 average) on many servers and many things like interactions with vending machines, crafting menus etc. return a crashreport windown instead of the intended thing.
i had this on...
citadel station (both)

please help me get around this
It's likely they're using browser assets that the VM is struggling with. WinXP doesn't support the last versions of IE and I know certain SS13 branches rely on the client having those.
i solved it by clearing the IE cache.

i'm having an unbearable high average ping of >500 on most servers though... even those few EU servers are at ~100 and i'm running out of ideas for solving this.
also i do not get sounds, although all my sound settings ingame are activated.
Is virtualization enabled in BIOS?
Also did you install Guest Additions in Windows XP OS?

It speeds it up considerably. Also you might allocate more memory and CPU to guest OS through VirtualBox settings.
i couldn't fix it, so i am currently reinstalling it all and leaving out the drivers this time and it seems to work without problems.

cant find a ie7 installer for winxp-sp3 and without it, most popups are bugged.