I've been a bit sick and a lot overtired this week but I've actually managed to get quite a lot done, so that was good: except Tuesday which was a lost day.

Despite saying I was done adding last-minute features to 515, someone brought up pathfinding the other day, and it occurred to me I've wanted a way to harness the algorithm to produce a list of steps for a while now. So I decided to create get_steps_to(), which returns a list of directions if there's a path to be found or null otherwise. This was actually super trivial to implement since the pathfinding code already needs to find a full path in order to give you the first step, so it made sense to have a way to get all of them. The pathfinding code is, though, a bit of a bodge after I had to graft pixel movement onto a tile-based system, and I see now there's a ton of room for improvement. But that's a project for another time.

But the big news this week is that in my quest to button up 515 I've finally gotten back to the map editor, which was one of the major stumbling blocks I kept putting off to the side. It was time to tackle that head-on. Quite a few things were left dangling that I've been shoring up, but one of the big things I'd like to address before release is, if possible, making the editor UI a lot friendlier. The way the editor has always worked is rather kludgy to deal with, and it'd be nice for that to be a lot smoother, with a tile palette you could choose from quickly. I'm brainstorming some ideas to work that out while I deal with some other issues.

I haven't forgotten 514 maintenance and have a couple of issues to look at still, including several in the icon editor. I'll get to those soon, but I don't want to take too much time away from new development either. Often it's easier to stick with the current sub-project than switch gears.

Thank you to all of the BYOND Members, Patrons, and other supporters who continue to make BYOND development possible. It means a lot that you guys keep this beautiful net dream alive.

Easter weekend is upon us, so those of you who have today off: use it well. I'm missing out on a good Easter dinner of mashed potatoes and ham this year. So far no zoo day, but the weather has teased us a little bit here and there with just enough almost-nice days. May your grass be green, your trees leafy, and your skies blue. I'll see you next week, when we still won't have any of those things.
Lummox JR wrote:


this beautiful net dream.

The Best Dream

I'm brainstorming some ideas to work that out while I deal with some other issues.

Format Painter! I've been toying with how to present that idea for a while but it'd basically be a tool for expediting individual edits to atoms on the map editor.

Copy Format, Paste Format, Clear Format could be added to the right click menu (maybe a macro for them as well?) which would let you copy whatever edits have been done to that object and then pasted to other ones. If the other object doesn't have the var it just doesn't get applied.

I get if it's too much effort for what it's worth though so I haven't gone about suggesting it but hey, if it seems doable I can make a full post for it.