Hello, BYONDers!

Ter13 and I are going to be hosting a discussion about the community-supported wiki idea that we had previously, hopefully coming up with some ideas for how it should look, what we need to make it work, and perhaps even getting a plan going for how to get everything started.

This discussion will be taking place in the BYONDiscord general voice chat on Wednesday, February 1st at 8:00 PM EST. Here's an invite to the Discord server that connects to the event.

As a note, the discussion will be recorded, so this is your heads-up about that.

More specifically, here's the outline I worked up that'll be the general structure for how the conversation will go down:

"Alright, we're here: What the hell do we want to build, again?"
Let's identify the problem statement:
- There's an existing lack of good demos to pair with the reference.
- This should be supplemental to the reference, right?
- Can we list some examples of features folks would like to make examples in Wiki format for?
- What's our use-case for this wiki (i.e. why should any user ever bother looking at it) and how can we make it as useful as possible?

"But what can I do on it?"
- Do we want upvotes?
- Who can submit code examples/demos?
- We'll likely need some moderation in cases of spam/abusive postings/extremely useless postings. Who should be a moderator? What should they be entrusted to do? Should we make their actions publicly-listed?
- Editing! Who should be able to edit existing blurbs? Do we preserve revision history if we allow an author to edit their blurbs? Do we allow other non-moderator users to edit blurbs?

(We Have) The Technology
"Annnnd how do we build it?"
- Are there any existing platforms or technologies that accomplish what we want that we can use out of the box? Ideally, they're free.
- If not, is there anything we can use and build from?
- What is left for us to specifically build?

The Plan
"Nobody told me I was going to have to do work..."
- What's the absolute first thing we're going to need to get something like this started?
- What're the next steps, following that, that we should work towards?
- Any volunteers for those action items?

The End
"Cheese for everyone!"
- Let's do a quick summary of what we want to do, what the plan of attack is, and what problems we're likely to face along the way.
- General discussion about BYOND and other nonsense

Be there or be square!
What cheese specifically will be served at closing, and will I need to provide my delivery address?
1. Compile 2 Exe
2. ???
3. Profit