complete linux neonate so i imagine this is user error of some kind

trying to run ss13 off a 64bt centOS VPS. installed the necessary libs and byond itself, cloned the code from git and compiled it locally. everything seems to be working as it should

run the DreamDaemon command with an arbritrary port (i'm not sure if port choice actually matters, just going with 5432 for simplicities sake), -trusted, -core, and -log (With a destination) file enabled.

and...nothing. no error, no confirmation line, no spike in the vps' resource usage. i try connect to the server and nothing's up.

i also tried running the comand with an '&' at the end to run in the background, after which the command line spits a four digit number at me and nothing else happens.

any guidance? apologies for wasting time with what's probably just me being stupid
Can you paste your entire cli command please?

And how did you install BYOND? make or make here?