//I have no code at the moment... I just don't know if this is easily possible


Okay, so I was working on a map based game... based from the map in GTA SA ( Shown above... I have the map and some functions made out...

My problem is, it a Text Based RTS so the blip the player moves instantly is just the camera (I got that part)

When someone sets a way point he can choose to walk, drive or fly there.
My icons are 32x32...

When the drive I want players to see a car or a dot traveling along the road but the roads don't easily/consistently fit in a 32x32 area and I don't know how to setup the Pathfinding system for the cars to drive on the road in a certain direction (through RTS / Not keyboard movement)

Problem description: As said above... I dont know where to begin with creating routes on a road.

The only way I can think of doing it, it's kind of time consuming and hard, but would it make sense to make a small blue object every car length of Road and when someone travels they move across these objects on screen?

Also, would it be a semi invisible obj before being used or an area?

Also, is this the best way to do this?
Would it make sense to:

name = "Car Road"
density = 0
visibility = 0

//Code to make the cars move from 1 CarRoadBlip to the the other over time.

And without renaming the CarRoadBlip (By using the same turf on every road and putting them on the map on each road --- Actually, they might need multiple icons because the Car Road Blip would be in a different position depending on where it is on the map...

But is this the only / easiest way to do this?
If the map is more than just a image and you could make buildings dense and the road non-dense and use pathfinding between nodes you place on the roads to calculate the direction and pathing needed to reach a destination.
Yeah you could set the player bound_height and bound_width to 1 so your player is just one pixel
Then he could squeeze through all those roads pretty easy
Coco bro how are you doing with your project? did you find a resolution?
No, Not really, sorry, thanks for the help though @Bumblemore