This week has been incredibly productive. I've spent the majority of it working on new stuff for 516 that will be needed for the movement overhaul in 517, which I talked about a little last week. That's firmed up and thanks to the parts being relatively straightforward, I plowed ahead at 120% steam.

The big news about what's been going on is I've introduced two new primitive types: pixloc and vector. The vector type is a numeric vector that can be 2D or 3D, with the possibility down the line of maybe expanding to higher dimensions. The pixloc type gives you a handy way of specifying world coordinates, encapsulating a turf and step offsets together. This is really huge, and has the potential to help out a lot of games.

At least part of the testing for that is done, with more being needed, but the next big hurdle there is documentation, as well as adding a built-in proc to grab the pixloc of an object's bounding box corners or center. That's right, a lot of everyday pixel handling difficulties are going to go away in 516, even before messing with the movement stuff.

Back on the stable version, 515 got a maintenance release yesterday, followed by a hotfix when a new warning in the compiler turned out to be... flawed. My test case didn't reveal the issue, so I had to back that warning out for now. Eventually I'll get that right, but that won't be today.

Thank you to all who've contributed your hard-earned money to BYOND to keep the lights on around here. It means a lot, whether you're a Member or you're supporting the platform over on Patreon or SubscribeStar.

Since this is a holiday weekend, I'll be back on Tuesday. Stuff yourselves with meat and other barbecue fare, wave flags, and especially give thanks to the people who made it possible for us to live free and mak gam.
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