Dragon Warrior: Shadows of Erdrick

by 8bitdream
The ball of light has been lost. Gain power as you search for it in this large world.
This project has been originally created by zackla21 (aka Lutelian) and continued on by others such as Dpheonix7 and Krast. You can adventure around the world joining with other players as you battle monsters and explore dungeons.

Heavily inspired by the Dragon Warrior series for Nintendo and some inspiration from other MMO styled games, SoE has it's own charm all it's own. Plans have been made to move SoE to an original game, but programming issues have proved too much. Enjoy the game as it is and see why this game has held it's community for so long.

SoE had a planned sequel but it was canceled. Though a prequel, Dragon Warrior Hero's Destiny, was created using that engine. You can see it at http://www.byond.com/games/Dpheonix7/ DragonWarriorHerosDestiny.
wtf? where to press that center? i cant enter this game
Wico wrote:
wtf? where to press that center? i cant enter this game

As in all other Byond games, Center is the 5 button upon your num pad.
Love this game, this is one of the most underrated games on byond.
Amazing game, Just one question. Why is the game currently down.
i cant enter the game because all i have is a laptop, anyone know how i can redirect the num pad to other keys or a controller, cause i tryed everything to get in without a numpat x.x (laptops dont have numpads for those who dident know)
I played SoE with a laptop that had no numpad for ages. All you need to do is go into your macros for byond and set them or use a game pad and xpadder. Your center is .center and you will need at least .northwest (home) to cancel menus. Setting byond macros is basic Byond user stuff and should be covered in Byond help guides.
Just recently started playing not too long ago and so far I have to say that I'm really liking the game. I've been a huge Dragon Warrior/Quest fan ever since the first Dragon Warrior came out. It's great to see an online game based on the DW/DQ series.
BTW my current in game accounts are Divinegon (a pilgrim) and Necrosaro( a wizard). Of course anyone familiar with the series knows where those names and my byond account name Dragonlord come from.
What's the reason for the game being down this time. I hope it gets up running soon because this game is awesome. Tried playing DW Online and didn't care much for it. It's nowhere near as fun and addictive as this game. This game is probably as good and in some ways even better than the actual DW series.
Glad to see the game back up and running.
were all the dragonballz games go

This isn't Dragonball Z, it's Dragon Warrior/Quest.

Also, game is down. Why?
It seems like the game goes down once or twice a week. Usually only for a day or less. Though once it was down for a week. Well if it's not back up tonight before I go to bed hopefully it will be back up when I'm able to play again which will probably be Sunday night. I love this game but hate the fact it seems to go down so much.
Hi all. What's up?
Hey Roland. I'm assuming your waiting ofr the game to be available to play again too. What is up with the game being down so damn long anyways. Over a week now and still down. Note to Dphoenix and/or Soda if you read this please get the game running ASAP. I as well as many others just want to play this awesome game again. Or if there's a good reason for it being down like perhaps updates that require the game being down or something like that then tell us. As fans of the game we deserve to know what's going on.
Things happen. Computer or net problems. RL issues. Chill out buddy.

Check out FreeCol while SoE is down. That's what I've been playing.
You know Roland you have some fucking nerve telling me to chill out. Why don't you try growing some balls and a brain and see how much DPhoenix obviously could care less about the fans of his games. I mean fuck the game is down more than it is up.Worst of all though he never even posts a message saying why. How the fuck hard is it to post a short fucking message or to communicate with the players sometimes. Dphoenix almost never responds to any posts or ncommunicates with any of the players or informs us of what the hell is going on. Then he once took down this game because he was supposedly setting aside to work on Final Fantasy War of The Magi a game that he very soon abandoned afterwards and BTW I actually did play that game. Let me guess he set SOE aside again to work on something that he'll surely abandon soon afterward again. If the game is going to be down so goddamn much tell us why even in a couple word message but don't keep being an anti-social prick to people that play your games. And don't take it down just to work on something that you end up abandoning soon afterwards. DPhoenix makes some pretty good games.This game is really fun when it's up and War of the magi was fun the short time it was up but he has made it clear that he cares even less about the fans of his games than Square-Enix cares about the Dragon Warrior/Quest series outside of Japan. DPhoenix is proof that even the best of games can be destroyued if the person running them doesn't give a shit about the players. As much as I love SOE I'm not the type who tolerates bullshit and if this is the way DPhoenix is goinna treat his fans then I'm just gonna say fuck this game and go elsewhere. And as for you Roland I thought you were cool but obviously you are a stupid prick and retard just like your obvious gay partner DPhoenix. since you stand up for him and falme me just for standing up and speak the truth. You ahve lost all respect from me. And I will not check out the game you told me too. Seeing as how gay you are the game is probably just a s gay ass you. You and DPhoenix can both suck my balls. Fuck this game and it's shitty owner DPhoenix. Fuck you Roland and fuck anyone else who stands up for cocksuckers like Roland or DPhoenix.
You know Dragonlord2, Roland was just giving you some info and that is that. If you want bash people go back to runescape or some other non intelligent required game. I have known Roland for awhile as well as Dphoenix, so go bother some other game with non sensical babbling BS. As for the game it was taken down and won't be brought up again unless otherwise decided upon. So chill out and quit fappin.
Dragnlord2, it was not DPheonix's decision to drop SoE this time. You have some really misdirected issues there. Sadly, as it is, SoE was a dying game that not much could be done with. It was redone a littl when Sylv (DPheonix) acquire control of it, but in the end that was reviving a dead horse. the game's been up for almost 8 years now and really has no hope left. The player base was next to none, only the people who've been hanging out in it forever were there (including myself, but due to life, even I had stopped logging in for months at a time.) Soda had finally decided (along with a bug that kept the game crashing) to let SoE rest and stay dead this time. While it's an unfortunate decision, I think it was best too.

Now, I can agree that Sylv is a decent game creator. Yes, she mainly sticks to DQ/FF fan-games, but she does a good job of it and is always trying to implement new things from each series. However, she has quite a frantic life and I'm surprised she got as much as done as she had. I see it as quite the accomplishment.

In the end, people like you are what kill the community of a game. By bashing on other players, as you've displayed, and bitching about how you can't get your fix. Let me remind you that people have lives, and these aren't really commercial-grade games. they're run by hobbyists and people who have offered their services. Soda has been a wonderful host of SoE and has gone through quite a lot of shit that I've seen in the 8 years I've been with him. He could have quit at any time, but he stuck through it.

So, like Roland said, "Chill."
Lol, someone needs some tissues.
Yeah games been down for a while, it happens, thats what happens on byond its that whole peer to peer thing undoubtedly.

It was pretty much impossible to stay logged in the way the server was acting in the end so why bother, as the others said, kick a dead horse? Good news! There are other things to do!
You should be thanking people for spending their time to make a game that you can play imo. *coudragonlordgh*
Its freakin spring, go get some damned sun.

Hope everybody else is well.
Dont do anything I wouldnt do, and if you do, dont name it after me.
Meth, I'm currently working on a game I hope to get out sometime so we all have a place to hang out in again. :)
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