will u plzz on banned me from dule monster expert i really like the game but ive been banned for a long long time i think they for got about me so will u plzz on banned me my name is clow
Hey Devourer Of Souls i got someone to report from mitadake high, she rks everyone on the server and its really pissing me off!!, her names Heygrrlhey,she always RK everyone even if shes not the killer and its getting me PO just thinking about it,i would be pleased to know if you could take away her hosting power or anned her from the game, thank you
Devourer Of Souls wrote:
This isn't a chat room.

hey, i waswondering....I ama big fan ofyurs , and was wondrin if u could help m make a digimon game?....plz it would me the worldo me...and i would e in ur debt. but to pey it off u can be co-owner of the game and can have free GM. contact me at tim_cole3000@yahoo.com or timmy1000000@hotmail.com with ur answer ok, thank you
Hey very awsome game but i'm having some trouble mitadke high won't fit screen i've tried every thing but the game won't fit my screen plz help
the link?
how about the link so you can download map?
if so please msg me or pm me on byond the link thank's
thats not the map thats shit load of the hosting files -_- i know how to map just thats not it you got some wrong files
One of the best games on BYOND. good job.
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