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Apr 9 2012, 10:13 am
Hello PopLava thank you so much for the fullscreen tutorial gotta say I love you in a non affectionate way =) But There seems to be something missing that i cannot wrap my head around. I cannot seem to get the fullscreen actual "Map" To cover the entire left to right on my screen. Your Fullscreen works Its just.. Well imagine this [||] There is a gap on left and right. Is there a way to make it More so widescreen?

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PopLava's Favorite Games

by Kaiochao | Oct 13 2012
Compete for the top score!
by Tsfreaks | Apr 13 2009
The Game of the Mediaeval City
by SuperAntx | Jan 2 2013
Tags: action, puzzle, retro, rpg
There is no hope for ye who descends into darkness.
by Kidpaddle45 | Oct 26 2013
Tags: utility
A way to share your knowledge with other BYONDers.
by Kozuma3 | Sep 30 2015
A fantasty RPG.
An action-platform game based on exploration and evolution.
by Calus CoRPS | Jan 15 2010
Tags: casual, isometric
Isometric sandbox building game, where the player creates and destroys various blocks.
A multiplayer war strategy game!
by Xooxer | Jan 28 2006
An interactive demonstration in Cellular Automata.
A short demo showcasing various game mechanics. You play the role of Pascal, a steam mechanist who must circumvent ...
by Forum_account | Feb 29 2012
A playable demo created with the Pixel Movement library.
by Forum_account | Sep 13 2010
A mix of Minesweeper and an RPG
by Jittai | May 30 2009
Tags: survival
A survival game that takes place in an archipelago with other people in the struggle to live.
by Kaiochao | Nov 11 2015
A simulation of a tabletop covered in interactive things.
Super-Powered Multiplayer Platform Battler!

PopLava's Favorite Resources

by Kats | Aug 13 2015
Tags: effects
Full-scale particle library

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