The Cartridge Classic II deadline has been extended again. A few people were running short of time to complete their projects, the number of submissions has fallen a bit short (I think Christmas was more of a hindrance than a help there), and I think with the site update now mostly done, development is seeing a bit of an uptick. So in the interest of inclusiveness, let's push this thing to April 1, 2011.
Longest contest on BYOND ever. There should be a recordbook for this stuff on BYOND somewhere.
I dunno, the original 8k was extended to about six months and the iccusion one may have been been about that too
Airjoe wrote:
I dunno, the original 8k was extended to about six months and the iccusion one may have been been about that too

The Iccusion contest wasn't that long.
It was like one or two at most.

The original... I don't remember :P
I was making an entry for the original but never finished and kind of forgot about it.
Three months. (That's two links, Lummox's CSS doesn't seem to change anything for :hover so you can't really tell).

The results just came out two months later, my bad.

As for the first cartridge classic, I'm pretty sure it started in July and ended in January. This one is shaping up to be August '10 to April '11 though, so we're at eight months!
No, my precious February! You've killed it, you monster!
If your cartridge classic remains extended for longer than four months, please seek immediate medical attention.
You do realize that everyone on that day will probably prank you and say they don't have an entry ready. And then a few moments later, type "April Fools" in all caps and send you the game.
Your new deadline is a joke. A joke! Get it?

Sorry, I couldn't resist. :(
So who wants to bet some random dude is going to win this with something he made that afternoon since everyone seems to be dropping out?
Yeah, that's why I'm making sure I didn't drop out this time. Almost did a month or two before the original deadline until some people wanted to see the game for real. Heck, it was after creating a Win32 version of the DMB String Extractor (using the incomplete CleanWin32 wrapper I'm working on) that I went back to work on it (with probably some backing by those who wanted to see the game come to life).

Yeah, I have a bad tendency to drop out before I get much of anything done for several contests I have tried entering. =/
April 1?? This smells suspiciously like a pre-April April-fools gag! :)
Woot! I wanted to enter but my Operating Systems class project was a bit more important...Hopefully I can get something done for it this time.
You might want to update the official rules post again. =)
I think Lummox just wants me to enter it ;)
That's a good thing actually. :P
Will you add forum_account's Sidecroller Library? It is in very good condition and he has it released now as version 1.
Gah, by the time this thing is over we'll have missed all the competitions we could've had since! lol. You should just call it, as long as there's what 5 entries? Then we have 1-5th place as the rewards go... I'd really rather get this one overwith, I won't even remember this thing in april! I barely remembered in time to submit my project.

There's really no excuse for not having finished this thing... it's been going on forever. I mean shit I almost didn't make it in time because I forgot... but that was my fault, not something we should keep pushing and pushing the deadline for. Even so, I understand you wanted to increase the deadline, but 2 months? really? That's ridiiiiiculoussssssss. There's already been 1 extension, I don't think the 2nd one needs to be as big...
I have entered, sent it to the Byond Staff and directly to you.

Cartridge Classic Entry by OrangeWeapons

Needs to be hosted and played with 2 players. More can join and speak/watch if they wish to do so.
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