Is there any chance we could see a web based pager any time soon? Just one where we could log into and chat with people, because sometimes we are not in a spot where we have byond. This is minor, but it would be nice. AIM has a similar service.
This would be an awsome idea, but wouldn't it eat as much "resources" than BYOND had? Or would it be the same as a normal pager?
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I would think it would be close to the same resources as the normal pager. I could be wrong, but the only difference is that you would be sending a little html with the pages. If they made sure to use as few images as possible, it would cut the extra load down to almost nothing. I do not know how the paging system works, or if it could even be done reasonably.

To be honist, I would probably never use it. Just something I would like to see.
I like the sound of it (even though I don't use the pager)
I never bothered downloading AIM and I just go through the web page, so I know its possible...
I second the idea even though I'll probably rarely use it.
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Well... BYOND did have a send_page function, and DMCGI, and we can already see who'se on a list already....
I would say it would be sort of EASY to do something ilke this, for BYOND staff memebrs neway.
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SendPage() doesn't work in DMCGI, in fact a lot of client procs crash DMCGI. I wouldn't mind seeing this feature, but it's not really a priority thing.
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Bumping this feature.

I think it would be a SWEET thing to add.
(Example: Im going on vacation, and want to keep up with my friends, but can't download BYOND on my aunt's PC)
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What if I don't HAVE their email?
I think this feature would be AWSOME for members.
(and members only >=0 )
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the problem with a web-based pager is exactly the same as a the previous model: a central server needs to deal with all connections and data sending/receiving, which brings up the bandwidth usuage costs again. the best thing to do is use web-based email, or even web-based IM systems. i believe ICQ and Yahoo provide this.

alternatively you can telnet into Chatters from just about anywhere. just make a channel that all your friends can meet in.
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Flame Sage wrote:

What if I don't HAVE their email?
I think this feature would be AWSOME for members.
(and members only >=0 )

I agree. I don't see how it would use that much more bandwith than the pager already does.