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Turtle Towers by: Oasiscircle

This game can be summed up in this sentence: "One of the Best Strategy Games on BYOND..." Winner of the GiaD 2009 Competition, Turtle Towers is like no other. It involves a lot of thinking and can be very challenging. It will blow your minds with the multitudes of waves and various types of enemies you will face. You must bear arms and defend yourself with your turtle brethen!

Basically, Turtle Towers is the classic fortress game with the left side being your "fort" or home and the right side the "advancing army" or enemy base. Enemies spawn from the right side and move towards the closest turtle and attack it. If there are no more turtles alive, then they go to destroy your base on the left side. The enemy troops are diverse; going from small to big, slow to fast, puny to overpowering, etc.

Before I delve into the mechanics of the game, I need to explain the helpful tool called the Option Tab! Under this tab is "Set Downtime", "Leutenant", and "Set Time Speed". "Set Downtime" allows you to choose how much time you have between waves (between 3 and 20 seconds). If you're rushing through a game, then three seconds is best. If you need to upgrade something, then make it a bit longer. "Leutenant" gives other players a chance to play the game. Right-click a turtle after you make someone a Leutenant to change the color of its flag to the person who is the Leutenant. "Set Time Speed" makes the monsters faster to slower (1 being slow and 4 being uber fast). These options under the "Option Tab" are very helpful and will allow you to change how the game is played out to your preference.

You start off with a few troops to start off your defense. The biggest advantage from this comes from the sheilds, which are the best turtles to keep you alive. The downside is that they cannot be replaced if they fall in battle, as shown here. The most important thing, though, is to use "Upgrade". You get upgrades every few waves or so and can also buy them. By double-clicking certain turtles (There are four types: Melee, Long-distance, Magic, and Special) to upgrade them. This makes that troop slightly stronger. The next time, you will need 2 upgrades to be able to level up that same troop to level two, and so on. And finally, we come to turtles! The basic strategy is to line up your sheilds and knives and put everything else behind it. Then choose an upgradable troop for YOU to control and use to attack from beyond the front lines.

The first 30 waves consist of weak to miedicore enemies, all of them having weak strength and being pretty slow. You will encounter enemies that use Long-Distance attacks, such as the cannons, and Magic-Users, as in the various Elemen/Wizards. Also, from Wave 40+, you will begin to encounter bosses. Some, like the circular (peach-colored blob) dragon, can only be killed by certain troops (The Dragonslayer, in this case). Others, including Hawkeye, have smaller enemies that are faster (but weaker) and attack from the rear. After Wave 80, its pretty much over. Throughout this, certain troops will spawn for you. A knife, a sword, an archer, the mages, and maybe more! Save your money for upgrades and, eventually, blade/ballista/hero.

Turtle Towers has completly original icons. Everything is custom made. Nothing to worry about there. The game itself is pretty original, having not seen anything like it on BYOND. The gameplay is exciting and can be very challenging. Overall, I give it a 9/10. Come Join and try it out for yourself!


I thought "delve" sounded weird so I changed it to "dwelve" and it's spelled "Leutenant" ingame, so :c
It's a neat game, but saying it's the "Best Strategy Game on BYOND..." is going too far.
EmpirezTeam wrote:
It's a neat game, but saying it's the "Best Strategy Game on BYOND..." is going too far.

I can see where you're coming from. I think the game is one of the best, if not the best, strategy game on BYOND.
Thanks for the review! (:
No problem.

Gary, there is a problem with some "windowset: magic" thingy that continually lags the server. Do you know what the problem is?
I do, but I don't know if I have the original source any more to fix it.
Sorry! ):
It's alright :c

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