I was thinking, since I avidly visit this site through my Android browser (Ninesky) that it'd be so much easier if we had an App for the forums/blogs. RootzWiki has a beautiful, clean and organized forum app, and I think it'd suit well with BYOND. Might bring us more into the 21st Century.
Have you tried out - ?

It "mobifies" the website of choice.

EDIT: I realized I had put a space where I shouldn't have, didn't notice it before. It worked when I fixed that error, but I would rather not use that method. It makes the page look super messy, and I'd rather just have the Forum App over anything else.
I would write a crawler to provide this data (I do have a prototype) but BYOND may well just screw bits of that up with the next update. Shouldn't be too tricky to change, but we'll see.