WANO, I don't know if $5000 is realistic or not, but considering the numbers I quoted (namely over 30K active users on games each month), I certainly hope so. I consider this about the bare minimum to justify further development. Most one-person projects request more than that and we are two+ at the moment. Now if we end up doing worse, we can keep BYOND in a maintenance state and I'll still have Lummox JR on board to take care of bugs & such, but I won't myself be involved (may be a good thing) and I would be skeptical about the myriad of side developments we've started but never finished. If we can do better, maybe I can bring another person on board.

Let's see how it goes. We have some really generous people on here (and generous does not even begin to describe the top few benefactors); I'd prefer we got by on small contributions by everyone though.
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World Association of Nuclear Operators?
Edit: Oh his name. Gotcha.

BTW, Lummox JR just added a note at the bottom that I think everyone should read. Sometimes you have to remember that we're just two guys trying to make something happen here. That's why I am perhaps overly defensive of the negative criticism of BYOND-- which is basically a free product-- because I understand what the guys I've brought on board have had to go through to make it happen.
PS: If you still have a couple bucks to spare and have any interest in uplifting sort-of-zombie sci-fi or the wacky hijinks of a gem that can twist probability into a half-Nelson, check out my books on Amazon. Links there are available on my blog, When I Become a Supervillain.

PPS: Teka's getting a statue when I do become a supervillain.
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Murrawhip wrote:
Writing A New One wrote:
Although, I do think that perhaps the donation goal is a little too high?

$60k a year doesn't sound too attractive to one developer let alone two. Then remove paypal fees.

I think it's well known that Lummox and Tom deserve way more than $60'000 a year for the time and effort they put in, but I'm simply trying to be realistic. My concern is due to what would happen if the goal isn't reached each month -- people might not be as tempted to donate unless they know there is an adequate amount doing so to allow the costs to be met.

Like I said, if $5000 is the bare minimum anyhow, then it can't go any lower. Regardless, let's see how the first month goes and all contribute to make sure it's met. :)
Teka just murdered everyone with his donation record. Insanity. Love it. I am not living in the US nor do I work nor have access to any cards to help right now, but I promise when I work and become a Tony Stark, I will donate. Probably much sooner than I become Titanium Man.

Admittedly, 5k seems plausible since this is a fresh initiative but I fear of what may happen as time goes on as we might have troubles trying to keep up to the goal mark.
Well when I get $10,000 I will beat Teka in one go.
When I GET A JOB... I'll try to throw $100 ish a month.

Not a lot but every little bit counts i guess.
The "Tony Stark" house they filmed in for Iron Man is a 25 million dollar mansion in California.
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SilencedWhisper wrote:
Admittedly, 5k seems plausible since this is a fresh initiative but I fear of what may happen as time goes on as we might have troubles trying to keep up to the goal mark.

That's certainly realistic. But it will also tell us where BYOND stands. I think this is really all contingent on getting the people who've been with us for years to all contribute $5 or $10-- something that won't really affect their lives but will definitely help us if done en masse.

The problem with the discussion here is that pretty much everyone on the forums is aware and has helped BYOND out. so it's a matter of reaching all of the players who just look at BYOND as an avenue to play one of the games. If any of you have friends like that, try to point them here.
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Albro1 wrote:
Why has no one mentioned this yet?


Damn, I'd really like to help out on this. Once I start having income again I want to do so.

In the meantime I'll try to spread the word to those who can help out.
let me plz add on something in this whole conversation i been supporting the games i like for the past 5 6 years i been on byond the interest of donations should happen in the first place to keep all games legal to be put on the servers so it is inprotant to donate for to keep everything up so in a week or so im going put my share of donations into the meter yw tom and byond team:)
I don't like the new non-member picture. q_q I loved looking at the old one because it brought back memories.
I haven't renewed a membership/gifted one since the blogs were killed off. I miss that unified community, and to be honest, it was what kept me and many others involved. Now it seems like all of the games are sort of restricted to their own individual communities.
I'm sorry you feel that way (others do as well), but we were already spread so thin with all the different aspects to BYOND and the blogs were causing a lot of problems.
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Tom wrote:
If any of you have friends like that, try to point them here.

First thing I did was make use of that shiny update feature in the feed. ;)
Average day for Teka:
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Average day for Teka:

I lol'd
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