I have a grid, It has 3 columns which have combination of text and objects. How would I set the alignment of the text to the three different columns

Column 1 | Column 2 | Column 3
Left align | Center Align | Right Align

Second question, what does the Label is-transparent do? I have two labels that overlap, one of them is suppose to be partially transparent (Gif/Png style transparency) but when I set is-transparent the image just disappears. Is this suppose to happen? If it is, how is it different than visibility?
I think #1 is impossible. Meh.

is-transparent makes the label's background transparent. Not the text, just the background.
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well that sucks. My images will disappear, but not the text? Is there another way of making an image overlap and have transparencies? (without client.screen)
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Not without creating another window and giving it partial transparency. It's pretty much impossible without restricting some parts of your game (mainly not allowing resizing/moving the window).

Why do you need to do this, anyway, though? Can't you just use whatever graphical program you're using to create an image of the two overlapping?
You can align text. While there can only be one style per grid cell, grids accept CSS. CSS has a text-align property.

In the skin editor, edit the grid and enter the Style tab. Create CSS classes with the text aligned the way you want. Then, surround your text with <span> tags which use those classes. If you need CSS usage tips, perhaps this site will help.

I'm not sure about aligning objects. However, if you don't require right-click menus or objects to be dragged from the grid, then you might be able to get away with just displaying pictures of the objects instead of the objects themselves. This would allow you to create CSS image classes with different alignments. I've been noticing a bit of a cache issue where images always display as being left-aligned the first time I see them, but the technique basically works. Note, however, that if you allowed the objects to be clicked in the grid then you will have to substitute the mouse proc calls with links and Topic() calls.

[Edit: The cache issue I mentioned is not a problem when setting the src of an img tag to \ref[picName] instead of to the name of a sent file.]

(I have been using this method in GrimTunnel.)
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the images that are overlapping are interchangeable. It would take a long time to create all of these (not to mention the space it would take up)

There is 150 front images and 10 backgrounds. That would be 1500 pictures! At 800x600, that would add up to 90,000 KB (60 kb/image average)!