Event Mar 9 2023, 11:00 pm
to Mar 17 2023, 10:59 pm
I’ll release more info as I get it together and organize it better as it comes together, but here’s what we’ve got so far.

The event will begin Friday March 10th and run through Friday March 17th. Every participant is allowed to select their own start date and time as long as it falls within the event schedule.

Participants will have 96 hours to produce a fully complete game, including sound effects, visuals and programming.

Pre existing assets tools and libraries are allowed to be used, as long as they are publicly available.

Each participant will be given their own set of 3 guidelines, which will include a theme and a setting. For example: “tanks” and “underwater”. Interpretation of the 3 guidelines is up to the participant, but they are required to justify and define their use of each.

Scoring will be done for the following categories:
Ease of Use - can the game be picked up and played with no guidance, if not is the guidance intuitive and does it do a good job of teaching the player
Gameplay - is the game smooth and does it feel good? Did the participant take care to create a polished game?
Fun - Is the game enjoyable? Does it leave the player wanting to play again?
Sound - does the game have sound effects? If so are they uniform and do they make sense for where they’re used?
Music - does the game have music? If so, does it sound good and make sense for it’s use?
Visuals - does the pixel art reflect the games theme? Does it’s use make sense? If visual effects are present, do they fit their intended use?

Judges will consist of members of the byond community, as well as a few people from outside of our community, including an indie game streamer and my sound and music team from Hazordhu.

The prize pool so far includes $100 USD and a BYOND membership.

If you’d like to participate, donate to the prize pool, or judge, throw your hat in here or feel free to shoot me a DM.

This event is being put on by moi. It is not endorsed by BYOND
Hey, yo, I'll probably participate, pretty certain. Cleared up the weekend for now to be available.
Is it possible to join in if we aren't allowed in the BYOND discord?
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TiltHour wrote:
Is it possible to join in if we aren't allowed in the BYOND discord?

You bet. Send me a page and I can get you set up!
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TiltHour wrote:
Is it possible to join in if we aren't allowed in the BYOND discord?

Hit me up on Discord. We can talk about revoking a ban.
Intrigued to see what comes out of this. I'd have joined but I have a personal project I finally got momentum on that I don't want to stop
Source code (514.1589 build)

514 version of the game is up on the hub here.

The game has a tutorial. It's chock full of bugs and design issues, as well as missing features.

Themes: Apocalypse, Flowers, Friendship

I was able to include Flowers and Apocalypse, but not Friendship. I had planned to add followers, but unfortunately, I spent so long getting the gameplay loop working that I never managed to add boss levels where you could rescue a follower.
Hub for my entry: Sea Stallions

Themes: Rice, Horse, Ocean.
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Lige wrote:
Themes: Rice, Horse, Ocean.

Ter is beating F0lak's ass right now.

While he screams “giddy up game man”
Hub for my entry https://www.byond.com/games/Raffile/Farmland

Themes: Chicken, Chain, Street
The game jam has officially come to an end. Thank you to everyone who submitted a game this year. I’m hoping to have judging done by April 7th, as I have to coordinate with several people to get the judging done.
Hub for my Entry, Carrot Knight

Source code for my entry

Themes: Escape, Royalty, Vegetable.
I didn't submit my entry, but I did do some work on something and will probably try to release it at some point. Got absolutely bombed by work on the day I expected to have nothing but time. Didn't submit because it doesn't even have art yet, it's just shapes and solid colors.
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Lige wrote:
Hub for my entry: Sea Stallions

Themes: Rice, Horse, Ocean.

I like this one, very Advancewarsesque

Had forgotten to post my entry here.

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I need to know how far down these carrots go.

Dang this sounds fun, would there be another one in the future?
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I'll see what kind of strings I can pull.