The server has been updated to Ultimatum version 0.8.5, which serves as an intermediate version for upcoming exciting features. Although this is true, this update also brings a couple of bug fixes, graphical changes, and gameplay balances which should make some people happy.

A side-note, you must have BYOND 454 or later to be able to view the interface properly. Earlier version of BYOND won't be able to draw tile-background lables, so it will look a bit odd.

Version 0.8.5 - September 5th, 2009
- Many internal changes and overhauls to the client and game handling system in anticipation of new systems and features. New bugs may temporarily pop up in this intermediate version
- Changed the Dream Seeker window icon to the Ultimatum hub logo
- Minor power tweeks to the Elvish and Orcish faction (added new skills to the Enchantress, powered up Trolls and Occultists)
- Improved the interface panel graphics (made possible with the addition of tiled labels). You must upgrade BYOND to the version 454 and up.
- Minor graphical updates (recruit icon, unit rings, etc)
- Graphical fixes: Trenches were layering on top of castles, shroud wasn't always covering units (a layering issue)
- Client Preferences will now save properly (which broke in the previous version), savefiles now have hash validation
- Ultimatum now uses DMIFontsPlus (more of an internal change) with small text tweeks to the unit status box
- Bug fixes regarding the auto rejoin functionality have been resolved (game would produce a runtime error when players logged out before the game started)

So why the sudden burst of updates, you may ask? Well, in combination with all of the free time during the summer, I've regained some motivation to work on this old game (I believe the first Ultimatum public testing periods happened about three years old this month). However, I will be starting university in a couple days, so my free time will be drained out pretty quickly. But who knows, I'll still try to squeeze out updates.

In the meantime, you can join the dedicated server of Ultimatum at the same address as per usual:

Huzzah! Feed me with your constant updates, for I am hungry and possibly excited "down there".
Good work UP, when/if I find interest in strategy games again, I might have to look it up.


Duelmaster409 wrote:
Huzzah! Feed me with your constant updates, for I am hungry and possibly excited "down there".

*hands you a sock*
This game is all copied from battle for wesnoth.