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Oct 6, 12:00 pm
Umbfall tilted his head at that. Instead of speaking aloud, he used telepathy.
"Something hard about leaving? These folks look ordinary enough. However, knowing our luck, its all a ruse."

Umb had made it subtle, just incase any of them could detect telepathy. Sunshine was a bit surprised at that, since it was one of the hardest things for most to learn. Then again, she had a vague idea of Umb's abilities.
Oct 4, 2:32 am
Sunshine led the two into the village, ignoring a few stares from the curious inhabitants. Scarlet noticed a few smile and wave, but she was reluctant to return the gesture. They eventually stopped at a Kecleon, who turned to face them. "Ah, if it isn't the star of Calcutta herself. To what do I owe the pleasure?" He asked, a sly tone in his words.

The pony frowned. "I think you know. The White Shroud. I need to know where they will strike next. I know you have connections with them." She said. As if to make an exchange, she slid him a few photos.

The Kecleon flashed her a look as he looked through the photos. "Ancient ruins, huh? Yeah, I know what you're after. The White Shroud have been after all sorts of ruins across the multiverse. Just the other day, they were on the neighboring island. Tore that place apart and left after just a few minutes, taking half the remaining population with them. There are a few places I heard they were off to." He gave a note to Sunny. "Here they are. I imagine they hit a couple of these already, but this is your best shot at finding them." He finished. With that, he turned to Umb and Scarlet. "Oh, hey there. I think I know you two from somewhere. Or am I mistaking you for another? Bah, the multiverse is too big for one Pokemon."

Sunshine looked back at her new companions. "Alright, we got the info we came here to get. Now for the hard part. Leaving."
Oct 3, 8:01 pm
Umbfall gave a light nod, following closely. The island looked peaceful enough, but the group knew all too well how misleading looks can be. After all, letting their guard down was the last thing they wanted to do.
Oct 3, 1:02 am
Sunshine gave a knowing grin. "Oh, I know that all too well. When I was first introduced to Calcutta and the multiverse, I was stunned. Then again, I've always been the adventurous type, and after seeing a giant robot during my fillyhood, things really couldn't get much weirder. Or, at least I thought. I was quickly proven wrong, time and time again." She explained. She spotted a group of green huts close by, and started trotting towards them. "There's the village. Just let me do the talking. Try to stay close." She instructed.
Aug 19, 5:41 am
Umbfall sighed. "Yep, that's what I figured. What is up with these isles and these kinds of events? Nature is weird sometimes..." He said, glancing around at the strange place...Just being here made him feel uneasy.

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