New version is out!

Ver 1.1
-Major: Fixed the mouse controls by switching to a non-javascript detection system.
-Added Spectator Mode Choose it when logging in, or pick it as your team when hosting.
-Added Kill-Cam. It focuses your view on who killed you, until you respawn. Focus can be changed like in spectator mode.
-Added a switch for AI chatter (off by default).
-Changed the frequency of the AI chatter (slightly less often now).

So as you can see the mouse detection now works properly. It now uses Forum_Accounts newest library: MousePosition

The way it works is a bit ingenious and I've managed to get it working perfectly.

HiroTDK's library HDKMouseKeys worked wellm, but recently, javascript has been failing to produce the desired results, rendering his library useless across most of byond, which is unfortunate as it's a very good library.

Regardless, it did manage to put Tanx on the map and I thank him for his support.

Anyways, go ahead and try out the new version and if you'd like, I can try hosting a server.

As always: Let me know what you guys (and gals) think! =)
You're so awesome Bravo1, please, have my children!

Oops, I forgot to change accounts.
I love you
There we go, account properly changed that time.
You're much more articulate than me. No one will believe that.
I got this runtime error and the game hung at the "Finding Safe Area..." message.

runtime error: Cannot read null.watchers
proc name: respawn (/mob/proc/respawn)
source file:,682
usr: Forum_account (/mob)
src: Forum_account (/mob)
call stack:
Forum_account (/mob): respawn(1)
Forum_account (/mob): death(null, 1)

If it matters, I think I had died because I changed my tank's configuration.
I tried doing a King of the Hill match and the CPU usage was through the roof (and it was only 16 players).

I'm very impressed with what you've gotten done in just over a month. The graphics are simple but they work very well (I like the tread marks). Do you have any plans for what you'll be adding next?
Hmmm. Interesting bugs, I will fix them if I can.

As for the game, I have nooo idea, I'm just going to wing it I guess.

Thanks for the compliments though, it's great to know that you like it, especially when you're quite the well known programmer yourself. I hope to further impress you =P
As for the game, I have nooo idea, I'm just going to wing it I guess.

A better tank customization menu would be great. It'd be good to be able to view all options, their descriptions, and see how they'd impact your tanks (in terms of speed, armor, etc.).

A minimap or radar screen would be neat.

Medals would be nice too. I expect the game will be featured soon and it'll get more players then. It'd be good to have some medals in there for people to get. The game lends itself to medals - # of kills, # of kills with a specific weapon, # of kills without dying, etc.
Well then there you go, that's what I'm doing next =P
I'm going to implement a scavenger hunt for medals soon as an SDGuild event. It'd be nice to include Tanx in this.
what does that mean?
A little event where contestants can compete against one another to see who can gather the medals from various games on the list first.
I guess I need to make medals then =P
Got stuck on Finding Safe Area...
DeathMatch -> City

Changing my tank didn't fix it and I can't seem to get past it so I'm blocked from playing.

Only way to restart is to reboot, is that right?
Hmmm... that's odd... I've got to check that out too. It's good though, I'm glad I'm getting this bugs showing up.

so I can find and kill them.
Same as forum, I changed my tank config and then died. Same error.

runtime error: Cannot read null.watchers
proc name: respawn (/mob/proc/respawn)
source file:,682
usr: Tsfreaks (/mob)
src: Tsfreaks (/mob)
call stack:
Tsfreaks (/mob): respawn(1)
Tsfreaks (/mob): death(null, 1)

Still not sure on the problem with the respawn thing.. hmm..
Wow, a better mouse-function system? And, better pixel movement functionality once again? Looks like I am throwing what I currently have in the dumpster, Bravo1. Time to start up a game in which only uses the map, cause Reson is going in the dump.
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