I wish to study programming, how many years to become na expert

Ivedone 10 years of libaray study of programming i an expert?
10000 hours to master the craft.
I learned how the if statement worked like 2 days ago.
Becoming a programming expert requires time and effort, and the path can be different for each person. With your 10 years of studying programming books, you probably have a solid foundation.

However, being an expert goes beyond theory; practical experience is crucial. Work on real projects and build a portfolio to showcase your skills. This way, you can enhance your talents while demonstrating your abilities.

Always keep in mind that expertise is a journey, not a destination!
Thanks im looking for a school in computer engineering. REPAIRING computers.sounds hard . any byond members looking to give feeedback imo, topic
Programming is a lot of different hats that have been shoved into a single hat.

You can spend a lifetime in this discipline and still learn new things. Don't worry about being called or thought of as a master. Can you make cool shit? Are you learning new stuff all the time? Are you spending your spare time doing write-ups and leaving solid documentation for your work? Are you actively engaging with the programming community, sharing and debating your ideas to help others and yourself at the same time?

I've been at this for 28 years now. I've learned a ton, and there's still more to learn. Mastery isn't the goal. The only goal is more. As GK said: It's a journey.
I considered myself a programmer 2 years before I went to college when I was making Byond games.

I didn't consider myself a software engineer or anything like that, but I programmed, therefore I was a programmer, just not a professional one.
I'd go a step further mate and say "How long does it take to be able to make games?"
You can be a master programmer like some of the eggheads here, but still not have the blindest idea of how to make a game-- whereas even a young kid can make a decent game if they're in the zone.
So at the end of the day, if you can code to a half-decent level and have a decent ratio of

Then you can make games.