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Why bother making the next minecraft when you can make the next facebook? If only it was that easy.

Because I'm not interested in social networking. Making a myspace/facebook/twitter does seem like it would be over 9,000 times easier than making a game, though.
I disagree, Falacy.

Social media sites seem to come and go every week. Nobody is going to beat Facebook unless Facebook has a colossal fuckup like Digg.
I didn't say it would be easy to beat facebook, I said it would be easy to make a facebook clone, or at least easier than making a game. Facebook already has a ton of apps (or whatever they're called on facebook) and other crap that links through it. Unless your site could take advantage of those already existing systems, it wouldn't stand much of a chance. If it could though, and yours was just slightly better in some way, people would abandon their facebook just as fast as they did myspace. Twitter isn't direct competition, which is another road you could take.
And what happened to Digg? Was Digg ever popular to begin with...
"Making the next Minecraft" and "Making a Minecraft clone" have two entirely different meanings. The next Minecraft won't play anything like Minecraft, just how the next Facebook wont look anything like Facebook.

Digg was a very popular news site until they introduced a lot of changes which pissed off their entire user base who all moved to Reddit. Kotaku pretty much just did the same same exact thing, only they have methods to view their old site layout.
Haha, sounds like Digg tried to fix something that wasn't broken.

When will they learn?
I've been testing software for years and devs tend to view testers as a lower life form.Add that with temp hire plus nobody interested in investing in you, and its a bad place to be.
Airjoe wrote:

I don't want to start anything, but I'm really curious about your point of view here, Airjoe. Mind elaborating on your genre of choice and why you don't like RPGs?
Fugsnarf wrote:
I don't want to start anything, but I'm really curious about your point of view here, Airjoe. Mind elaborating on your genre of choice and why you don't like RPGs?

You said: So who's the moron here? Sounds to me like the people buying these crappy games are at fault for games focusing less on innovation and story, and more on graphics and gameplay.

He's not saying whether or not he likes the RPG genre. He's pointing out your dislike of those who enjoy things you do not like. As you said, people who buy the games you do not like, such as the commercial shooters, are morons.

There is a reason as to why people buy games. They buy ones that they enjoy, not ones that you may find innovating. But the great part is that there are so many commercial and indie games that one shouldn't have to worry about what's currently popular with the big name companies.
Anytime Facebook changes anything in their layout, I generally stop using it for a week because Zuckerberg pissed me off again. Remaking Facebook isn't necessarily difficult at all - we all know it too reinvented the wheel, it was simply the way he deployed it to the world that made him money.

In all honesty, I still don't see the big hype about Minecraft (wtf do you do?), but I do recognize that if you can't make it in with they big boy companies, then you can certainly try to make it for yourself. I mean, essentially, isn't that what BYOND did? I swear I read a quote where Tom and Dan said they just simply didn't want to deal with joining some big-name company.

That's why business programming is the way to go!
That all depends. I've gone from making browsers to making medical software.

The place to be is going straight out of college and into the R&D of any company which allows creativity to lead the way. That is the dream job and it requires passion and entry level genius.

That, or be a really good programmer with an easy 9-5 job and take your really good ideas and make your own fortunes on the side.

Doing 10-12 hour days for any software company sucks no matter what it is. The only exceptions are when your company's stock explodes and you become a millionaire within 10 years of being hired. Since that's not going to happen as often as it once did, prepare yourself for a long career or burn the mid-night oil. I've been doing both and broke down last year. In hind sight, I may have picked the wrong investments.

There is far too much opportunity in the mobile market for any developer to ignore it. I'm kicking myself for getting in so late.
I, as a red blooded white american(the good kind), feel as though the gaming industry needs to focus on how to make me, as an individual, happy. I will send them letters and they will comply.
Oh, and Antx, please change font color to white or something =(?
Well that was somewhat disheartening but not much so when I make it to the game industry, I'll come back and tell you guys about it..Until then though, I'll just contemplate how soon I want to enter it.
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