Hello Readers! Here we are in August 2020, the final month of summer, as schools are considering going-back plans and as the last remaining community fairs make the decision to cancel. However, some discussion has been floating around about this year’s Game in a Day development challenge, a staple of the BYOND community’s competitive spirit for well over a decade! Who is hosting and the specifications have yet to be seen, but if you have any apt towards participation or administration, check in on one of the Discords below to get in on the plan!


BYOND Developer Lummox JR had his work all over the map these past few weeks, from bug fixes on BYOND 513 to particles, generators, and sounds, but a large amount of focus has gone to revamping mouse commands recently! The changes in mouse commands have required digging into the tangled spaghetti noodle mess of the parser, but he reports that the changes appear to have been well received, and is now onto the syntax.


Lootboxes and daily quests are back in Zombie Paradise! And according to Falacy’s in-game changelog, seasonal experience has been changed and announcements are made when seasonal milestones are reached. Quest markers on the minimap now flash, Auto-fire has been enabled, and players are beamed aboard the space station once a mission is complete!

Panels that control gravity, electrical systems, and air pressure have all been added to Bravo1’s DarkStar. And now map traversing is less linear with the addition of ramps, ladders, and a change to how gravityless rotation works. All of these additions add to the dynamic and puzzle-solving nature while avoiding the monstrosities aboard the Idaho. And there is something big coming... Something really Big.

F0lak has announced that Hazordhu is moving into the realm of the third dimension! In turn, the game is moving to another engine, so keep tabs on their website for future updates. As for the classic edition here on BYOND? The game is open source and available for community development!

Chance has passed the torch onto Tattles as the top-in-command over the events and administration of Eternia 3: Chronicles of Esshar! He also reports that new fruit can be found in the jungle and many spells have seen adjustments, with the Air, Water, and Nature classes seeing a new addition. In-game Tattles announced that with the fall of Nysea, all of its residents must vacate to another town.

Pride Ravanok made a quick update about Rise of the Pirates development! While progress has slowed during the quarantine era, Season 2 has come to an end, with Kyle receiving legendary gauntlets. The phoenix PVP server has seen an increase in its EXP and item drop rate, but also an increase in how frequently saves are reset.

Raffile reports a successful recovery from COVID-19 and brings with him updates and a release to his darkly-themed RPG, Jack Bones. Trees and shrubs have received a graphical make-over, while the game and combat feel much smoother than last year’s initial release. He also mentions that there are plans to change up the beginning scene, user interfaces spruce-ups are on the docket, and a pause menu remains in the works.

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COVID-19 is no match for BYOND.
All of these additions add to the dynamic and puzzle-solving nature while avoiding the monstrosities aboard the Idaho.

For a second I thought this said "avoiding monstrosities aboard Idaho". That was a very strange picture in my head.
damn that's sick bro who asked
how do i get loot boxs
In response to Arrfur
In Falacy's Zombie Paradise, Lootboxes appear to be obtained for completing daily quests, and various tiers of lootboxes are earned per every 1000 zombie kills.
In response to Higoten
do i get good skins for openin boxs?
do i need to buy a key fro m marketplac,e
In response to Arrfur
While the game offers subscription benefits, the game doesn't use micro-transactions to the best of my knowledge, So there is no need to purchase keys for lootboxes.

As far as to the desirability of the skins, you'll have to get into the game and make that determination yourself!
Ive got a 3d project in the pipeline