The code preserves the size of icons under any resolution. As I haven't seen a similar guide yet, I decided to share …
Abstract loot generators powered by JSON.
Accessible. Simple. General.
A minuscule lib that adds some helpful macros for other color spaces.
Demo of using run-time normal maps for lighting.
Library form of Forum_Account's Turf Edges demo
Some trash I wrote when I was a teenager
kii_Rain has been updated and renamed to kii_Weather! The library now supports potentially unlimited different weather …
Illuminate your net dreams!
Finally reuploaded my Kii_spotlight library! It has been renamed "Kii_lighting" and now includes a simple built-in …
The library has been re-uploaded and I cleaned up some of the code, as well as included a demo. Super simple to use …
Massively slimmed down the code and the macro list was reduced to a whopping three macro commands. Check it out!
AI chat bot plugin for BYOND games
This library is once again available to download! I took some time to update it a little as well. Most notably, the …
This update doesnt bring much. The bump to 1.x.x is simply because I don't plan on changing the API in any major way in …
New update includes a 32x32 map instead of a 16x16, smaller FOV but more detail far away. If you're interested in …
Generates a code file for you based on the icon states within the icon supplied
BYOND JSON (de)serialization with versioning and type checking
An alternative to alerts/text input
A scroll for claiming land!
My raycaster thing o-o
This weekend, I discovered a major problem with implementing mouselib as a library that makes using this library very …
Interact with the mouse more easily and more concisely
Mouse Actions: In order to keep track of the current state of the mouse, /mouse_action datums have been created. Mouse …
Updated version of my Lego Buffs demo, now in lib form
Just a basic "clean up" proc to aid in things being garbage collected
A simple stopwatch style library that's pretty versatile.
Demo tutorial to get you started.
A very simple in-game tutorial guide as an object in user inventory.
Shows how you might add slots to your game using vis_contents
Shows how you might create a basic feedback system
pif_ShuffleQueue is a queue-like data structure, but with a twist.
A protocol for classes implementing pseudorandom number generation
Demo files for KaioCode
Loot system and RNG-rolled stats on items for an RPG style game.
Basic HUD-style skillbar
A small library that shows how to handle dialogue trees using GUI Handler.
Ever wanted to give your players incentives to keep playing?
See through what you're hiding behind.
Save resources by using collision to trigger AI.
Demo for Realms library
Spaces on the map that can be duplicated, allocated, and stored.
Easy macros for common lazy patterns.
CrossedOther, UncrossedOther, BumpedBy
A safe weak reference to a datum.
Hello to all my fellow hobbyists, I've optimized the source code to this demonstration, the simulation now handles …
Demonstrates how to send messages to Discord.
Higher-order list functions.
Helpers for pixel movement.
Tracks press and hold times and has a looping repeat callback.
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