Duel Monsters Online

by Kajika
Duel Monsters Online
An online version of the Trading Card Game.
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It is officially DMO's 13th birthday. To celebrate I took some time off my responsibilities to try and hack together a …
An online version of the Trading Card Game.
Happy holidays! I apologise for my absence over the four weeks. I intended to take time off from early December until …
I'm doing what I can to build momentum with the project. Some minor effort has been made towards the website which …
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This week I had the opportunity to sit down and look at the source for the latest DMO version. Unfortunately the game …
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Hello all, D-M-O! doesn't look like it's going to return any time soon. There is an alternative though; you can duel …
seriously -.- this was and is the best yugioh game byond ever had. .... .... i want to host it.. or if it is hosted can …
DMO was awesome the way it was before! i loved every minute of it. why did it have to go away why. that's the kind of …
Hello Everyone, As you can tell I've been spamming like crazy. I loved Duel Monsters Online as much as anyone. I grew …
so...i miss this game.. will it ever come back ? :(
Currently on hold.
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I must say DMO is a great game. I must thank it because its the reason I first found byond in the first place. Its a …
It's been a while since I've actually played DMO, but I actually owe it my thanks as it was the very reason I found …
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Whether you love it, or hate it, odds are you've probably played it.
Ok first Kajika why didnt u leaved it like it was 2 years ago wehre u could walk and duell in arenas? SO ok BUT WEHRE …
So no more DMO? Can you at least give us an answer Kajika?
you should make the Source downloadable so there can be other hosts this game hasn't been up in a while and i miss it